Daily maintenance method of boutique showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

It is very important to keep the cleanliness and tidy cleaning of the showcase. Daily maintenance of the showcase can not only keep the showcase clean, but also increase the service life. Different types of showcase maintenance methods are different.

Many places need to pay special attention to avoid in the maintenance process. The damage to the display counter. The following Suzhou display cabinet manufacturers will introduce some exhibition cabinet maintenance methods to keep your showcase brand new.

This is not difficult. One: The exhibition cabinet wipe is basically a must be done every day. When cleaning and maintenance of the display cabinet, you must first determine whether the rag you use is clean.

After cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn it over or change a clean rag before using. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the side of the dirty side, so that the dirt will only rub the surface of the showcase repeatedly, but it will damage the light surface of the display cabinet. Two: Putting the paint table of the wet tea cup often leave a circle of annoying watermarks.

How can I quickly remove them? You can lay a clean wet cloth on the watermark of the desktop, and then use an iron to use the iron at a lower temperature at a lower temperature. Iron it, so that the moisture that penetrates into the paint film evaporates, thereby disappearing the watermark. However, when using this method, the rags used should not be too thin, and the temperature of the iron cannot be adjusted too high.

Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop has disappeared, but the brand can no longer remove it. Three: If you are not careful, the surface of the wooden display cabinet is likely to leave a scorching mark. Don't panic.

Generally, you can remove it with a rag in time. But if the scaling marks are too deep, you can use iodine to gently wipe it on it, or apply Vaselin oil to it, and wipe it with a soft cloth the next day to eliminate the hot marks. Fourth: In addition to the marks, sometimes accidentally accidentally crash the corner of the showcase.

If it is too serious, you can find a certain repairs of the manufacturer. If the traces are not obvious, it can be pasted and protects it. Avoid this situation, once the scratches are not repaired for a long time, it is easy to expand the scope, which will damage the image of the showcase.

The material of the showcase is different, and the matters to be noticed during maintenance are also different, but try to avoid various problems in use. If you want to understand more precautions for the use of the showcase, please consult the manufacturer when buying. You can know how to do well in the material.



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