Customized standards for high -end jewelry showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Customized mid -to -high -end showcase production process standards, jewelry showcases are indispensable items in the mall. So what issues need to pay attention to when we produce, what standards do our showcases have? Come and see. The display cabinet of the mid -to -high -end jewelry store must pay special attention to quality and safety, so in the general jewelry shop decoration design, the showcase will play a great role in the display effect.

When buying a jewelry cabinet, or the jewelry cabinet is sent to the store to install the jewelry cabinet, you can check the inherent quality of the jewelery display cabinet from the following aspects: 1. High -density board sealing, drawer or keyboard entrustment The strength of the slide road, the firmness after the jewelry cabinet is installed. The quality of high -density board sealing is a more important quality index made of high -density board jewelry cabinet.

Gum. The purpose of the edge can reduce the amount of formaldehyde release of high -density boards, and can increase the moisture -proof L raw energy of high -density board. If the edge is not flat, it means that after the use of the internal materials for a period of time, the edge is easy to fall off.

The edge of the edge should still be a rounded corner. The edge of the wooden strip is prone to tide or cracking. The jewelry cabinet inlaid with a three -in -plate bag is nail at the bag.

Pay attention to whether the nail eyes are flat, and the color of the nail eyes is consistent with the color of other places. Usually the nail eyes are sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty is drumped.

When checking the edge, check the hidden parts of the jewelry cabinet for inspection danger, such as the back of the backplane side of the drawer and the bottom surface, the side of the shelf, etc. Two: The firmness after the jewelry cabinet is installed is also related to whether the jewelry cabinet is qualified. It is an important indicator.

After the inspection method is to install the jewelry cabinet, shake the jewelry cabinet with your hands. There are two aspects of shaking, one is the shaking caused by uneven bottom; the other is the shaking caused by the jewelry cabinet installation or structural design problem. If the bottom feet shake more than 2mm, it means that there is a problem with the processing accuracy of the jewelry cabinet; after the jewelry cabinet is installed, the higher point shake caused by the structural problems exceeds 15mm, indicating that there is a quality problem in the installation or structural design of the jewelry cabinet or structural design.

3: When receiving the jewelry cabinet, consumers should ask for the instructions and qualification certificates of the jewelry cabinet, and check whether the instruction manual is used according to the instruction manual of the jewelry cabinet. , Whether there is a manufacturer's address and contact telephone use instruction manual whether the execution standards, materials, model specifications, production date, precautions for installation, maintenance methods, general failure exclusion of the jewelry cabinet. Four: The slider strength of the drawer or keyboard is a basic project indicator of the jewelry cabinet.

The national standard test method is to pull the limited drawer or keyboard to a larger position. To the 2/3 position of the full length, at the top of the drawer panel or the center of the keyboard support panel, the force applied is 350N, pressing LO, if the slider deforms or falls off. When consumers check this indicator, they can pull the drawer or keyboard support as required and press the drawer panel or keyboard panel with the hand.

For these indicators and processes, the general showcase factories cannot be customized, and paying attention to the showcase factory can better produce it for everyone, be responsible for customers, the production of the showcases for customers, and better design a better design And high -quality production service. .


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