Customized furniture expansion and grasping the rhythm is important

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Today's Chinese customized home furnishing market has already started with smoke and wolves, and has attracted a lot of attention from many cross -border crocodiles. It has made huge sums of money to invest in the customized industry. There are many domestic first -class brands in these predators.

There are only a handful of brands. The brand of cross -border entry into customized home furnishings is strong. It often face today's customized market according to the successful experience of the past.

It is believed that the large -scale investment in the regional market, quickly building large stores, and building multiple stores can quickly break through the regional market. Behind the rapid expansion must be supported by a strong system. Custom home marketing is very complicated.

“System marketing”“project”This systematic manifestation is: jewelry showcase 1. strong production system, providing first -class products and services; customization of the home furnishing industry, there is a home furnishing industry.“Production decision to sell”In terms of statement, there is no good internal production and supply system, which will directly lead to the slow appearance of the terminal, the order is slow, so that the production cycle is long, the customized product is made of wrong goods.

Dissatisfied, customers have great complaints. 2. The product expression is expressed in the form of the terminal in the form of the exhibition hall.

It is the most direct first view of consumers. The display system is the shape of the brand, and the product performance is the soul. The exhibition hall is a preliminary awareness of the brand's brand, and it is the most complete display of brand positioning and style.

3. The terminal training system is the source of the brand development. As a specialization, the customary home industry with a relatively high degree of refinement.

Jewelry display cabinets and cosmetics showcase manufacturers have realized the importance of the training system early. Through the closed basic training of nearly a month of employment, the dealers received the dealers. Fully recognize, manufacturers need to communicate brand positioning, corporate culture, core demands, terminal language calibers, service standards, etc.

through training, and other series of guidance systems.——Actual combat——Summarize——Complete to complete. It is the crystallization of collective wisdom and the key to the tree of the brand, and these products in the industrial finished product are not valued or even ignored.

Jewelry display cabinet 4. The manufacturer's creation of the internal and external service system of dealers is the core essence of chain franchise. In essence, custom home is a typical chain franchise industry.

, Jewelry display cabinet and cosmetics showcase manufacturers have completed the control of the terminal and model creation through a series of actions, so that the ultimate guarantee“Entire store output”Essence“Fast and slow theory”It belongs to the characteristics of the customized industry, which is also an important reason why many cross -border brands enter the custom industry. Only by grasping this characteristic can we really achieve the goal“quick”, I would rather“slow”, Fang is later“quick”Essence.


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