Customers customized display cabinets must know how many matters must be known

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Some problems when customized museum showcases must be highly valued when customized museum showcases. For example, what kind of themes and styles are this cabinet used, these things must be paid attention to, because if the style and theme are not good, it may not be well integrated with the products that need to be exhibited. The surrounding environment can not be well integrated, and the effect of the display will be discounted at that time.

It is best to let the designer design a few more styles, and then choose some styles that make themselves satisfied. Such a showcase and items that need to be displayed, and the surrounding environment is fit, so that the effect of the display is fully exerted. Let's introduce the customer's customized product, and several other issues to pay attention to.

The second one who customizes the display cabinet for customers and friends is the material. Many materials to make this cabinet can be made with inorganic glass, or it can be made with organic glass. The performance of different materials is very different.

For example, there is a difference in light transmittance, and the reflection rate is also different. The softness and hardness of the glass are also different. In addition, the anti -theft fire prevention and anti -invasion of these glass are all different.

Then the customer should have a general understanding of these materials in advance, and then you can know what kind of materials you need to choose from this exhibition cabinet to make. The third thing that needs to be clear is the problem of size. If the size is too large, it may be because the space is relatively small, and finally this cabinet cannot be reasonably layout, but the cabinet is too small, because if the space is too small, the space is too small If it is, the display in it is more cramped in it, and it will not play a better temporary effect.

It is best to consider the size of the items that need to be displayed before determining the size of the size, and at the same time consider the size of the surrounding space environment, and through the reasonable size design, so that these cabinets can better distribute and display space in the display space. The fourth question that the customer customized display cabinet is to consider is the problem of lighting. If it is an ordinary display, then the lighting can choose the general light.

Lighting may consider the problem of fever, the problem of ultraviolet filtration may also be considered, and the problem of color reduction of lights must be considered. .


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