Cultural Relics Show Cabinet: Material Safety and High -tech Management

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The safety of the materials and components used in the showcase is a material guarantee for the safety of cultural relics. The display glass in the showcase is the weak link of the safety of the showcase. In order to safety in the exhibition cabinet, the glass of the showcase should use a tape -tape safety glass.

The safe film used in the tape should have basic functions such as explosion -proof, hammer anti -hammer, and cutting -proof cutting. Films can be 2-3 layers (many films, high safety, but the light transmission of glass reduces the display of cultural relics). The glass glass is recommended not to use tempered glass.

The tempered glass only improves the strength of the glass itself, but does not have explosion -proof, anti -hammer, anti -cutting, and there is a hidden safety hazard of explosion. It is important to note that the safety of light glass in the showcase cannot be ignored. It is connected with cultural relic display space.

Safety level must not be lower than display glass. And the structural design should be specially paid attention to, be sure to anti -disassembly function. Many exhibition cabinets in the museum now have hidden dangers in this regard.

The locks used by the showcase cabinet should use a museum showcase for the museum showcase. Each exhibition cabinet door should be equipped with at least two locks. At the same time, the cabinet door should be opened to open.

At the same time 1/150000). For the upper light inspection (part of the light box) and the lower maintenance space of the lower part of the showcase, the locks are installed as much as possible. The exhibition cabinet exposed glass bonding glue, should not be connected to ordinary glass glue.

It is best to use adhesives with later curing effects, such as: UV curing without shadowing glue, various curing structural glue, etc., to improve the safety level of the glass connection at the display cabinet. Due to the good display of cultural relics, the exhibition cabinet is as solid and firm as a safe.

The necessary electronic security system for supporting facilities is necessary. Now the museum exhibition hall has a security monitoring system. At the time of development, it mainly relies on video surveillance.

After the closed hall is closed, there is a combination of electronic alarm and video surveillance in the exhibition hall. The illegal invasion in the exhibition hall has been effectively guarded. However, many museums are really weak to the inside of the showcase, especially during the period of development, the safety of cultural relics inside the showcase still has certain safety hazards.

For the electronic alarm system inside the exhibition cabinet during the normal exhibition time, this problem can be effectively solved. In addition, the design of the showcase should also fully consider the unity of the combination of good display effects and the safety of cultural relics, and ensure the convenience of exhibitions and exhibitions. At the beginning of the construction of many museums, the entrusted exhibition design and construction enterprise to implement the design and construction enterprises.

Under the conditions of conditions permit, the design and production of the showcase can be considered to rely on professional showcase companies. At present, many methods can be adopted in the safety aspects of the showcase. The exhibitors with excellent production and high safety factor and high -tech management systems are used.

Various security methods, coupled with well -trained civil defense measures, can greatly improve the safety of cultural relics display.


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