Cosmetic store survival crisis exploration

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With the intensification of competition in the domestic cosmetics market and homogeneous marketing operation model, more corporate brands are seeking new breakthroughs! The specialty store used to be a many brands“Contemn”The small channels of circulation, but with the rise of the brands such as Jiaolan Beauty, Nature Hall, and Ou Shiman, from the rise of specialty stores, more corporate brands have begun to upgrade the channel operation of specialty stores. Personalized cosmetics showcases are also loved by major brands cosmetics companies. Combining the company's cultural elements, the display products and the brand characteristics of the company's brand and the brand's brand characteristics are combined.

Nature Hall Cosmetics Show Cabinet 1. The intensified cosmetics monopoly of cosmetics monopoly channel competition has gradually become a trend of diversified development of the daily chemical industry channel. As a sales channel, it will face the increasingly fierce channel flattelling and mode homogeneous competitive impact: 2.

Competitive cosmetics for peers are a highly profitable industry. With the development of the economy and the development of the economy and the development of the economy and The continuous improvement of people's consumer demand, and the demand for cosmetics is also growing steadily, which has caused more and more agents and enterprises to join the channel operation of beauty cosmetics monopoly. The scarcity and rising costs of competition and store terminal resources have formed a bottleneck for many cosmetics stores to operate profitability.

3. Intellectual supermarket impact. The rapid development and penetration of large international and regional chain vendors has gradually carried out the scrubbing dailyization and promotion of beauty and makeup.

Many chain vendors are also mainly based on the popular consumption. Paths to form an impact. Some cosmetics brands have achieved their own brand promotion purposes through large -scale supermarkets.

This form is relatively traditional, but it is also a model that many well -known brands often use, but they are facing rising costs and increasing thresholds. At the same time, there is also the complementary sales and profits. 4.

The impact e -commerce of e -commerce as an emerging marketing model plays an increasingly important role in promoting cosmetics sales. Some well -known foreign brands, through the sales of the Internet, have very good performance. In this war without smoke, the situation of prosperity and decline is very fierce.

How to better survive in cosmetics stores has become a problem that major cosmetics companies and individual operators have to consider. Stable passenger flow is the prerequisite for specialty stores. How to make more consumers pay attention to enter their own stores? In addition to brand promotion, cosmetics showcases are key factor affecting whether consumers enter.

A novel design, stylish and beautiful, and the cosmetics showcase that conforms to the psychology of female consumers can best grasp the eyeballs of pedestrians. After attracting the remaining, the sales personnel need to reach sales by virtue of sales skills. .


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