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Conventional museum cultural relic show cabinet is placed [the decoration concept of display cabinet] The layout of the showcase is the main content of the business hall layout. The passage titted by the showcase determines the flow of customers. The arrangement methods such as radiation, free circulation or direct formulas should retain a certain flexible room for changes in business content, so as to adjust the form of the display cabinet.

Therefore, the various exhibition cabinets of modern comprehensive malls adopt a combination form. Only some specialty stores use a small number of fixed forms. [Spirit of the display cabinet] Generally speaking, the main channel should be between 1.

6 and 4.5 meters, and the secondary channel should not be less than 1.2-2 meters.

The distance between the showcases should ensure the smooth passenger flow. It is not a problem to set up the showcase to set up the sticker wall of the store door. Large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc.

should be based on the size of the store's size and business varieties. The volume to calculate a reasonable distance. [Expressive expression of the showcase] The particularity of the product is mainly manifested in whether it can be stacked, suspended, vertical, horizontal, and bulk.

With glass -cold hidden shelves, some precious products have special requirements for the safety measures of the showcase. Some products that can be directly contacted by customers must provide customers with sufficient convenience in design. The drawer -style showcases of traditional Chinese medicine stores, Bogu -style showcases of cultural relic stores, platform -style showcases of bookstores, box -type showcases of fruit shops, and crane -style showcases of clothing stores are designed according to the characteristics of their respective varieties.

The design of the showcase should ensure that there is an appropriate area and space when the product is displayed, so that the product can effectively arrange the different specifications and grades of the same variety to display the different specifications and grades of the same variety. Proper space not only provides convenience for the vertical arrangement of the goods, but also provides convenience for the salesperson to put on the shelves, put goods, and clean it. [The display cabinet needs to be prominent] In the same store, the shape of the showcase should be basically unified.

The size of the size, the consistency of the materials, and the consistency of the formal characteristics (mainly manifested in top, feet, horns, and faces), and the color is consistent, so that the showcase is unified. In order to display the goods, the showcase generally does not use irritating colors to avoid the noise to win the Lord. However, the color relationship between the product display rack and the product must consider the usual color effect.

Such as colorful products, the color of the showcase is gray; light -colored products, the color of the showcase should be dark; dark -colored products, the color of the showcase should be light. The combination of the display cabinet and the color of the product is to play a accompanying role in the background color. .


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