Common paint problems in jewelry showcases

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The composition of the common Yugen Clear paint contains resin, solvents, additives and light -consuming powder. Because the lighting powder is a special ingredient in matte paint, because it is a chemical composition that cannot be dissolved in the paint, so it is usually suspended on the paint. If we are not sealed with matte paint, the light powder that stays on the surface will absorb the water in the air, and then dilute ourselves, and the jewelry showcase will settle on the bottom of the paint of the paint.

As a result, the illusion of matte lacquer opening is too long. The real reason is that lighting powder absorbs the water of the air, the density becomes larger, and it has precipitated to the bottom of the barrel. Therefore, before the jewelry showcase is brushed matte paint, we must stir the idle paint on average, so as to ensure the sufficient amount of each component of our paint.

If one of the chemical components is missing. Jewelry showcase paint paint common terms and explanations and their topics The cause of the cause flow: When the cosmetics showcase finger coatings are applied to the vertical surface, because of their poor anti -flow hanging or inappropriate application, too thick paint film, etc. The paint film moves down to form a variety of shapes under the thickness of the lower and uneven coatings.

Causes: ① not good control, too large spray gun mouth; ② coating is too thin; ③ coating surface is too flat; ④ coating is too thick, brushed many times. Black: Refers to the drying process of light coatings, sometimes the lacquer film appears milky white phenomenon. Causes: ① The water is too high; ② the solvent resolution is insufficient; ③ the water content itself is too high.

Wrinkle: refers to the amount of tide -width -type wrinkles presenting the paint film. Causes: ① The drying speed of the bottom paint and facial paint is not the same;. Orange peel: refers to the surface morbidity of the paint film of the paint film.

Causes: ① Poor flowing; ② Low temperature; ③ Excessive or unsuitable diluents in NC; ④ Elacium of substrate materials or inadequate processing. Bite the bottom: refers to the phenomenon of softening the dry film under the coating or drying when applying the same or different types of coatings on the dry paint film. Cause: ① Two unsuitable bottom paint and top paint (usually high content of high content); ② the paint is painted without completely dry; ③ the coating of the primer is too thick.

Jewelry display cabinet pinhole: Refers to a fine hole similar to acupuncture in the paint film. Cause: ① The stirring is average, and there is air inside the coating;. Foaming: refers to the air or solvent vapor such as air or solvent vapor or other bubbles formed by the coating process.

Cause: ① The coating has water; ② coatings have water; ③ large air humidity; ④ oil pollution; ⑤ dilute agent and curing agent are not matched; ⑥ uneven mixing, uneven surface, uneven surface, uneven surface, uneven surface uneven surface, uneven surface uneven surface, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, uneven surfaces, and uneven surfaces. The surface is rough: the cause: ① the construction environment is too dirty and not clean enough;. Cracking: refers to the changing appearance of the paint film.

Cause: ① The coating is too thick, the coating is outdated; ② the coatings are too thick, the coating itself is high, and the promoter content is too high;. Peeling: Cause: ① The water of the coating surface layer is too high;. .


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