Classification and requirements for glass materials used in glass showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Glass is very common in the production of display cabinets. So, which glass can be used in the display cabinet production? 1. Tensor glass reinforcement glass is safe glass.

Steel glass is actually a prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of the glass, the method of chemical or physics is usually used to form compression stress on the glass surface. When the glass bears external forces, it first offsets the surface stress, thereby improving the carrying capacity and enhancing the glass itself anti -resistance itself.

Wind pressure, cold and summer, impact, etc. Applicable to use cosmetics display cabinets, jewelry showcases, watch display cabinets and other display products. The flat glass at present is basically ordinary glass and ultra -white glass.

When these glass are opened, high -temperature tempered and other processes are processed. The glass used in the showcase is basically tempered, and ultra -white glass is usually used as the preferred glass. Because of its high permeability, low reflection.

But the price is basically twice the ordinary glass. Second, thermal curved glass thermal curved glass is a curved glass made of flat glass heating and softening in the mold, and then annealing. In order to meet modern high -quality needs, hot -bent glass is heated and softened by high -quality glass, forming in the mold, and then annealing curved glass.

Beautiful style, smooth lines. It breaks the single nature of flat glass, and it is more flexible and diverse in use. Suitable for mobile phone display cabinets, cosmetics display cabinets, etc.

Third, frosted glass frosted glass, also known as cricket glass, dark glass. It is made of ordinary tablet glass through mechanical sand spray, hand -grinding or hydrofluoric acid solubility and other methods to make the surface as evenly on the surface. Because the surface is rough, the light is reflected, light transmittance, and not **, it can make the indoor light softer without dazzling.

Fourth, paint glass glass showcases and paint exhibition cabinets are extremely common in the production of showcases. In addition to the different categories of display cabinets, the requirements are also many aspects. The requirements of different categories of display cabinets are also different.

First, explain what requirements are the requirements for the production of glass showcases. Pay attention to the following requirements for the production of glass showcases: 1. No bubbles, no dust, no traces, no orange peel.

2. It must be flat, smooth, and there must be brightness and other requirements. Whether it is glass showcase production or paint exhibition cabinet production, it must be taken according to the quality management system to ensure the quality and process of the product.

As long as the relevant management breaks and production standards are observed in production are important indicators to ensure that the quality of each showcase passes. .


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