Classification and characteristics of shopping cabinets

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When we enter the big mall, all kinds of display cabinets such as mobile phone cabinets, computer cabinets, clothing cabinets, etc. will be displayed in front of us. In fact, in general, the showcase of the mall is divided into seven categories.

1. Complete non -demolished installed display cabinet: it is a more primitive display cabinet; the structure and form that cannot be changed. If it is not used, it can only be aside, or dismantle the display cabinet, make the materials into other types of display cabinets and clothing cabinets, etc.

2. Set -type display cabinet: draw on the structure forms of traditional furniture, set tables, stools and other structures to make Fang Dun'er with different sizes from small to large sizes (a series of five faces), or make different sizes and specifications. Several shapes, the time and height differences are changed, and the combination forms are diverse.

When the display cabinet does not need to be displayed, the small mobile phone cabinet can be income in order. The inner space of a large display cabinet, occupying less storage or transportation space. 3.

Dedicated display cabinet: In the museum display and some alternative exhibitions, special display cabinets specially produced for certain exhibits; only suitable for this exhibits, not suitable for other exhibits (such as computer cabinets). Although the number of such display cabinets is not large, it is indispensable. 4.

Insert display cabinet: The plates of the plate of a variety of specifications are cut out in a certain component, and then the insertion group is performed to form a display cabinet with different purposes such as booths, screens, flower troughs, indicator signs and other uses. 5. Folding display cabinet: Use hinge (hinge) or other structural parts to make this type of display cabinet change the form and reduce the volume when it is not in use, so that it can be stored and saves transport space for transportation space.

For example, folding clothing cabinets, folding display racks, folding screens, folding booths, etc. 6. Single -combined display cabinet: First design one or more single mobile phone cabinet display cabinets, and then use these monomer display cabinets (more than two, or only one monomer multiple) combined , Constitute a new computer cabinet display cabinet that is full of changes in the form and scale.

Such as a hexagonal booth and a bee -type booth with a trapezoidal table, and you can stand up and downs the finished glyphs and mountain -shaped booths. With a semi -circular single booth, you can spend a round, four -petal flower -shaped, and font -shaped clothing cabinet booth. This type of display cabinet is used in exhibitions, museum display and window layout.

7, parts and components disassembly display cabinets: The modern display cabinet appears a large number of components, which can be disassembled and then assembled. Among them, it can be divided into two categories: one is to match the connecting parts and the tube (pole) parts. It is composed of the other type from the connection parts and plates or mesh.

The disassembly display cabinet that belongs to the previous category includes four -prism display rack, octagonal exhibition (K8 system), ball festival display rack, three -dimensional show display rack, trigeminal hug display rack, plug -in truss system, etc.; One type of disassembly display cabinet has an octa -directional mall, book document clamping system, clamp -connected unity shaft, mesh combination grid frame, glass plate insertion system, etc.


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