Chinese medicine cabinets bring you the skills of pharmacy decoration

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Chinese medicine cabinet brings you the skills of pharmacy decoration 1. The design of the Chinese medicine cabinet signature, the pharmacy logo is mainly divided into the previous logo and the side logo. A positive signboard gives people a deep feeling; side signboards are generally used to attract people's use; the main function of chain pharmacy signboards is to highlight the unity and independence of chain brands, establish brand image, expand brand effects.

It is very important to carry out the brand image, so the signboard becomes more important; 2. Interior decoration design. The decoration of the pharmacy is designed to meet the visual experience.

The color should not be too bright, nor should it be too bright. Generally speaking, satisfying everyone is simple and clear. Pharmacy requirements for stores usually exceed 3 meters, but most of the selected stores are located at the bottom, and most ceiling has pipelines and wires.

Do not install the ceiling and ceiling of fire pipelines and other pipelines to isolate these pipes. As long as these pipes are coated with pure white and the light sources are placed under the pipeline, this can ensure the space of the store and save money to save money. 3.

Lighting design. The pharmacy should use pure white dual -tube fluorescent lamps, because the lighting of the fluorescent lamp is balanced, and the double -tube fluorescent lamp can make up for the dead corner of the single tube fluorescent lamp. Pure white lights can reflect the original color of the product without reservation.

The fluorescent lamp should be installed on the top of the shopping corridor. The height of the shelves is about half of the width of the shopping corridor. The layout of the lamp should be consistent with the layout of the shelves to ensure that the goods can be directly illuminated from the front.

4. Settings of the cash register. The cashier of the pharmacy is located at the entrance and exit, and the cash register is separated from the entrance and exit of the entrance to the entrance and exit channel.

The checkout channel (export channel) can be set up to two according to the size of the store size, and then configure 1-4 cash registers according to the forecast of the business scale (but 8 of the network line of the cash register should be left). In the case of conditions permit, you can also set a "no shopping passage" as a special channel for customers without shopping to avoid crowded at the entrance and exit. 5.

Settings of Chinese Medicine Cabinet Stack. The space between the cashier and the shelves and the middle of the store entrance passage are usually designed as stacking positions for new products, inventory products, promotion products, iconic products and other key products. And brand product.

Due to the special location of the pile head position, the length and width of the pile head position should not exceed 1 meter, and the height should not exceed 1.2 meters, so as not to block the customer's sight and blockage channel. 6.

The width of the shopping corridor is generally 1.4-1.8 meters, allowing two people and their shopping baskets or shopping carts to pass parallel or reverse, and turn around at will.

The channel should not be too wide. If the channel width exceeds the customer’s arm or sight range, customers will only choose unilateral products. The narrow channels will depressed the shopping space, affect the comfort of customers, and cause a sense of congestion.



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