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The main component of the Chinese medicine formula is Chinese medicine cabinets. Traditional Chinese medicine cabinets are wooden pumping combination cabinets, commonly known as "hundred eye cabinets"; Known as the display of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets. Reasonable and scientific shaped Chinese medicine cabinets have a great impact on improving the quality of adjustment and work efficiency; for this reason, the form of the Chinese medicine cabinet land, combined with the improvement of improvement in recent years and the actual situation of the formulas in various places, talk about a few talks about the situation.

Planting Chinese Medicine Cabinet Floor. 1. Corporation centrifugal type refers.

The traditional Chinese medicine formula department mostly adopts this kind of cloth -based type. It is spacious in the middle and has room for rotation. It is suitable for large, medium, and small formulas.

That is, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is arranged around, and the adjustment platform (also known as the counter) is placed in the middle. The adjustment platform can be multi -person formula, which is suitable for a large formula department; The two sides of each station -scale type of the adjustment table can be multi -person formula, which is suitable for medium -sized formulas; the third is one type, that is, three sides of the Chinese medicine cabinet, one side as the adjustment platform, the adjustment table is arranged in one shape, the adjustment table is arranged in one shape, and the doses are arranged. Therefore, the formula is limited to one side, suitable for small formulas.

These three types can choose according to the size and actual needs of the formula of the formula. The three types of centrifugal type, the differential lighting difference, requires a spacious formula, and the same side and price table; As a connection side, the pricing platform; therefore, the two centrifuged Chen cloths of the ruler and one -shaped type are commonly used. The three types are not necessarily determined by the size of the formula.

Some large formulas mostly adopt a curved ruler -type Chen cloth type, so it is necessary to determine according to the actual situation. Second, the distinction and dividing type, is an index building or dozens of Chinese medicine cabinets. According to the formula and size of the formula, it has three, five or seven or eight buildings, or even a dozen buildings.

Each Chinese medicine cabinet is set up 50 to 100 medicine buckets, and the venue is shown in the venue. There are generally two types of district -type Chen cloth. One is distinguished according to the fighting spectrum.

The second is to adopt a number of people or one or one person according to the formulators of the formula personnel. This type of distinction is very suitable for the large Chinese medicine formula. Basically, each building is an independent and complete monomer, so it requires a spacious venue to not affect the work of mutual formulators.

Therefore, it is only applicable to the large -scale formula. Suitable; pay attention to the orderly order when arranged in the distinction, and orderly, which is convenient for more formula personnel to enter and exit, and there are more compact arrangements. Generally, there can be "non -glyph", "back glyph", or "" backfall ", or" ”(Reading Wan) Shadow", etc.

Third, the central type central type refers. The center medicine cabinet is placed in the center of the formula. The medicine bucket needs to be specially produced.

Generally, it is like a match box type. It can be touched back and forth. With this as the center, the surrounding area is equipped with a adjustable table.

This center medicine cabinet is used as a common formula. The double -sided pumping medicine bucket in order to consider the stability of the medicine cabinet, it is generally 10-15 cm larger than the length of ordinary medicine fighting. The height of the Chinese medicine cabinet is the same as that of ordinary medicine cabinets.

Medicine cabinets, general centered drug cabinets and adjustment tables are "daily", which is placed in the middle as the central drug cabinet. One; its advantage is that one medicine can be used in one bucket, reducing the number of half -medicine buckets. Secondary use.

For the convenience of the medicine, the central cabinet can be prescribed as commonly used drugs. Fourth, the mirror -like mirror table, is a special small Chinese medicine cabinet such as a dressing table, according to the formula of the number of formulars. This kind of mirror -style traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is combined with the regular combination of the adjustment table to implement the working method of one person and one person.

Each is equipped with a commonly used drug to cope with the formula of general prescriptions; therefore There are several advantages in the mirror -style Chen cloth method: First, it can change the shortcomings of the long -term standing formula. Second, one person is responsible for one person, it is easy to check the quality. Third, the volume small medicine formula is more convenient than large medicine cabinets.

But this formula has no fixed formula and specifications at present, and often designed itself. Fourth, the number of people can be increased or decreased at any time according to the size of the formula and the number of recipes. At the same time.

The above four types of Chinese medicine cabinets are only the situation of the general traditional formula department, and these four forms often use the combination to use the centrifugal and central formulas to combine Chen cloth, which can greatly improve work efficiency to large formulas; central forms and and with The mirror table can also be combined with Chen cloth to supplement the lack of the mirror formula formula with the central medicine cabinet. There are often Chenbu and centrifugal types. Many ancient pharmacies are often this.

Therefore It is very important, so it is not only a very technical problem, but also a scientific science. Therefore, it is worth further exploring. At present, due to the emergence of mechanical formulas and computer formulas, although the manual formula is reduced, from a longer period of time, the manual formula is still very important.

Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss the Chinese medicine cabinet Chen cloth style. .


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