Can the surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet form a protective film?

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One of the important and important products of Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturers is for the Chinese medicine cabinet. Therefore, we must have a multi -position grasp and in -depth understanding of the product. Have good use of expected effects, and get some professional skills and good skills from this.

1. What are the common problems and difficult problems in the Chinese medicine cabinet? If the Chinese medicine cabinets are stored in Chinese medicinal materials, the common problems and difficult problems that are consistent with it are based on the detailed explanation of the Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturer. Together, there are two types of traditional Chinese medicines that are eighteen anti -nineteen fears need to be placed together; Chinese medicine materials with the same effect should be placed adjacent to convenient and fast medicine.

In addition, the quality is placed at a high place, the quality is placed in a low place, and it is easy to wet and cold. 2. When choosing a Chinese medicine cabinet, do you establish a good raw material first? In this issue, the Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturer feels that its response is to be and not, because when the Chinese medicine cabinet is selected and established, it first establishes product color and style, and then the total number of use of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets is established.

After that, it is counted as establishing the raw material of Chinese medicine cabinets. Moreover, it cannot be disordered and incorrect in the establishment order to prevent the appropriate choice of the product. 3.

In various diagnostic rooms and liquid distribution rooms, is there a Chinese medicine cabinet with stainless steel plate or more wooden Chinese medicine cabinet? In various diagnostic rooms and liquid rooms, there are more traditional Chinese medicine cabinets using stainless steel plate, because this type of Chinese medicine cabinet has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and the surface is smooth and smooth. The wooden Chinese medicine cabinets are used in Chinese medicine rooms and pharmacies. 4.

Do you need to pay attention to the materials for Chinese medicine cabinets? Does the medicine bucket have to spray paint? The materials for traditional Chinese medicine cabinets must be paid attention to, and they must also pay attention to it. Generally speaking, the drawer cabinet uses a fir solid wood plate, and the frame shear structure is connected. It can have a strong inheritance force.

The bottom layer can be seal small snowflake stainless steel plate. In the drawer pull, you can use a bottle plug or copper ring to ensure that it is unique and durable. The medicine fighting of the Chinese medicine cabinet can be sprayed, and the Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturer also feels so much.

It can immediately be polished and polished, without hitting the inner wall putty powder and not wood grain paper, and spray polyester paint for more than five times to ensure that the expected effect of spraying is expected. The surface of the solid wood plate of the Chinese medicine cabinet should be cleaned frequently or on time. Generally, it is cleaned with a thin cotton -dry material, but it should be cleaned slowly.

Every time after a period of time, remove the accumulation of dust at the horn with wet cotton fiber with dehydrated moisture, and then change the dry soft all -cotton fabric to clean it. Therefore, there is no doubt that on this issue, its response is. If you want to cause a layer of protective membrane on the surface of the solid wood plate, you can first check whether there are stains on the surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet.

Wax, then rub it a few times, which can cause a layer of protective membrane to improve the service life of the Chinese medicine cabinet. If you must pay attention, when the stains on the Chinese medicine cabinet are cleared, they cannot use alcohol or other analytical chemical solvents, because they endanger the Chinese medicine cabinet. .


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