Benefits and precautions for setting the showcase in summer

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

What are the benefits of customized showcases in summer and what do you need to pay attention to? The editor of the display cabinet manufacturer in this article will tell you the benefits and precautions of customized display cabinets next summer. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. There are many benefits to setting up a showcase in summer.

The showcase company often launches some preferential activities. Not only is the price affordable, but also the good craftsmanship is easier to choose during this time. It is long during the day and daytime, and the working hours of custom -made workers in the showcase are also relatively extended.

It is also helpful for accelerating the progress of the project and shortening the construction period. It is also good to customize the showcase in summer. The temperature is high in summer, the smell is easy to volatilize, the paint is dry quickly, and the polishing is timely.

The gloss of the paint can be fully appeared. However, the benefits are beneficial, and some problems should be attracted attention: 1. Pay attention to the high season temperature and dry climate.

From the perspective of safety, the materials should be placed in a cool place to avoid the internal internal due to the non -circulation of air and the high temperature of the temperature. Cause a fire. The electrical appliances and tools used during operation should be kept at a distance from the material, and when you bring the power, you should stay away from the material as much as possible, and make a reasonable division of the working area and the material area.

In order to avoid being harmed in the "high incidence period" in ordering in the summer, in addition to using non -toxic and environmentally friendly decorative materials, the regular exhibition cabinet manufacturer is requested to make the exhibition cabinet. Pollution. Pay attention to the seasonal maintenance.

After the display of the showcase is completed, there will be a period of warranty. Therefore, when customizing the showcase, the industry mainly finds a reputable custom display company and signed a contract to maintain its legitimate rights and interests. Two: It is necessary to prevent "waterlogging" and prevent "drought" in summer, high temperature, large humidity changes, and plate materials to prevent strong sunlight.

If the humidity of the rainy days is large, measures to prevent moisture -proof and deformed measures need to be taken during storage. Do not put the board and wood in a direct sunlight room. It is also necessary to prevent rainwater from expanding and deforming wood products, even moldy.

For the painting display cabinet, whether it is paint or mixed oil, remember not to brush on a rainy day. Please do something else for the construction team first, or even temporarily stop working for two days, so as not to have problems in the future. When dry at high temperature, not only use foot water, but also lock the water to ensure that the moisture does not lose.

3: The painting problem currently customizes the exhibition cabinet. Everyone attaches great importance to environmental protection issues. When the temperature is high, whether the material is environmentally friendly is easier to distinguish.

The high temperature in summer will accelerate the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air, and the pungent smell of the harmful substances can easily smell. It is a shopping mall display counter, mobile phone counter, paint display cabinet, fruit showcase, jewelry counter, bread showcase, watch display cabinet, cake showcase, clothing showcase, shoe and bag display counter, watch cabinet, cosmetics display cabinet, smoke and wine cabinet, display display, display display Customized processing manufacturer, telephone 18100673666.


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