Analysis of the texture effect of wooden showcases

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The wood grain showcase is what we usually contact with more, so how should we better design and make our showcases. Let's take a look at it below. The surface texture of the wooden showcase should determine the methods used according to the characteristics of the wood characteristics of different tree species, such as the hardness, texture, gap, color, and whether it contains resin, tannins and other factors.

For the surface of wood with good texture, transparent coatings should be used to make it on the surface of good texture. Transparent coatings should be used to make it more beautiful. For wood -like wood, such as soft materials, due to poor texture, it is necessary to apply a layer of primer on its surface to use opaque decoration.

For wood with large pipe holes, such as hemp, water song willow, etc., it takes a lot of time to fill the pipe holes before coating. The materials used to make metal showcases in the showcase are aluminum, stainless steel and ordinary steel.

Stainless steel is a hard and precious material. Ordinary steel easily loses luster due to rust. Therefore, except for stainless steel, other metal components should be treated on the surface.

The method for decorative treatment for metal showcases includes paint, electricity, anode oxidation treatment, and plastic coating. The paint method is sprayed on the selected bottom paint. After cleaning the surface of the first decorative surface, the paint is painted.

To avoid peeling, you should use magnetic paint or chemical synthetic coatings or high -temperature paint. Electroplating, through electrolytic reactions, plated a hard thin layer on the metal surface, can be used in gold, silver, copper or chromium, etc. Chromium is a bright hard metal, which is often used in electroplating of steel components.

Plating plating is finely processed by polishing method, which can produce a mirror -like light feeling. The anode oxidation treatment is a special process, which is only suitable for aluminum parts. It is applied to a thin layer of transparent or colorful layer on the surface of the processing component.

Color, bronze color, golden yellow, etc. The opaque colors include brown, black, etc. Plastic coatings include two methods: one is impregnated, which can produce a soft coating on the surface and rarely cracks, but the texture is not beautiful enough.

Spray the powder -like plastic box to make the powder -shaped plastic melting on the metal surface. This kind of surface layer is strong and durable. Focusing on wooden showcases for more than ten years, have rich experience in making wooden showcases.

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