Advantages of a combination showcase

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The design of the showcase is a artistic, especially the idea of ​​space disposal and layout, to meet the use of space and functionality. It is a direct expression of practicality. At the same time, it also makes the original void space.

With space nature. The organization and layout of the showcase are also a direct reflection of space use and organization. It is a form of orderly planning and reasonable use of the re -creation of indoor space.

The character of the indoor space environment. In a specific space, the showcase shoulder the important responsibilities of the combination space, adding fun to the monotonous space. There are many forms of its combined space, mainly in separation space, enclosure space, tissue space, embellishment space, etc.

Differential space refers to dividing large spatialization into several small spaces, and there is a completely partition, semi -partition, and transparent partition. The complete partition is mainly used in two functions with two functional properties. Its height is more than 2 meters.

The common showcases are placed between the bedroom and the living room to separate the two different spaces. The commodity area, the museum uses exhibition racks to spatial separation, etc. There is also a semi -partition mainly refers to the two spaces and different spaces in the indoor space.

The height is about 1 meter. The common ones are separated from the entrance hall and the living room, and the service counter space in the hotel. Data combination cabinets are generally separated between each area in the office space, so that both the two spaces are kept through and the space is maintained.

Half -partition furniture is also common in large restaurants and bars. The transparent partition mainly refers to the two spaces in the room. The scene of the main space is vaguely seen through the second space.

Generally, it has a guiding effect. For example, see the living room through the decoration of the porch, see the inner court through the transition space, etc. The space is separated through the showcase.

On the one hand, the load of the floor can be reduced, and the space is greatly saved. On the other hand, due to the flexibility of the partition, it also increases the variableness of the space and reduces unnecessary waste. The more important element of the display cabinet combination is to encircle it.

It can enhance the degree of private space and create a feeling of gathering popularity. The exhibition cabinet furniture is combined, and there are also absolute enclosure and relative enclosure. Absolutely highly high generally has only one entrance and exit.

Most people in this space are relatives and friends. The space is relatively small. It is just suitable for conversation.

The display cabinet embellishment space mainly refers to the viewing value of the display cabinet furniture in the indoor space than the practical value.


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