About the maintenance method of museum showcases

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There are still many people who do n’t understand the maintenance method of museum showcases, so let ’s introduce to you in detail today! 1. Clean the glass, especially the cleaning of the glass showcase. It is recommended to use glass cleaner for cleaning.

Wipe off the fingerprint and fat on the appearance of the glass. The new showcase has some residual glue at the glass bonding. It should be scrubbed frequently.

The glass showcase will be brighter and brighter. 2. Do not use clean water to clean the wooden showcase, which will cause the wooden part to return the tide and the internal power supply of the showcase.

In the case of admitting the power of the power supply, you can use white cotton wipes to dip industrial alcohol or glass cleaner for scrubbing to avoid excessive cloth. If the appearance of the exhibition cabinet is residial because of paste the poster, do not use hard objects to force it. It is recommended to use pure cotton white cloth and dip in a few white electric oil for scrubbing.

Do not use gasoline or toluene scrubbing. These two materials may have a chemical reaction with the paint, causing the painting cabinet paint to fade and split paint. 3.

The cleaning of the lamps can use dry white cotton fabrics when recognizing the power supply of the power supply, equipped with a fan, adjust the air volume, blow away the surface of the lamp first, and then scrubb the scrubbing. 4. Clean the stainless steel first remove the active pendant, use a white cotton cloth dipped in industrial alcohol to scrub, and then reinstall the pendant after scrubbing.

5. The appearance of the electroplating metal show is bright as painted. The dust is very simple to see.

It needs to be scrubbed frequently. 6. There are fabrics on the display cabinet with fabric display cabinets.

The sofa, cushion, etc. can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. When used, a few carpet cleaner can be scrubbed on the wet cloth and scrubbed it.

7. Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time in the sun, so as not to be damaged on the appearance and glue of the showcase. Do not use solvents and strong acid cleaner, upper optical agent, etc.

8. Stay away from the water source and do not place the showcase in a place that is closer to the water, to prevent deformation and moldy from the exhibition cabinet after moisture absorption. 9.

The use of nursing agents to maintain the original brightness of the display cabinet. Now there are two types of display cabinets two display cabinets for display cabinets. The former mainly targets raw materials such as various wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber and other raw materials, and has two different fresh flavors: jasmine and lemon.

The latter is applicable to a solid wood display cabinet and other solid wood display cabinets such as wooden, glass, forming wood or beautiful boards. Before the use of wax spray and cleaning maintenance agent, it is best to shake it well, and then hold the spray tank directly, so that the liquid ingredients in the tank can be completely released in a state of stress. Then spray it quietly at the local area of ​​15 cm away from the dry rag.

If you scrub it again, you can play a good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, after the rag is used, remember to wash and dry. .


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