About the daily cleaning of museum showcases

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Many people have seen museum showcases, but many people are not particularly clear about the daily cleaning methods of museum showcases. Let me introduce it to you in detail today! There will be many tourists on the showcase to leave a lot of fingerprints and stains. Generally, small stains every day after the museum is closed after closing the door and wipe and cleaning.

Regular museums will be regularly disinfected and cleaned on the showcase every week. 2. Museum showcase cleaning professional cleaning agent.

Do not use soapy water, detergent and other irritating liquids to clean the showcase during washing. Most showcases are solid wood showcases or metal showcases. Because clean products such as soapy water and dishwasure contain large corrosiveness, not only cannot effectively remove dust accumulated on the surface of the showcase, but also cause damage to the surface of the showcase.

Over time, it will make the glass side of the showcase blurless and no gloss. 3. When wiping the showcase, choose a special towel or cotton fabric.

Can't find a towel wipe casually. It is best not to use some towels with poor water absorption. Rough fabric hard fabrics, wired heads, or fabrics with hard objects must not be used.

These wiping cloth can easily cause scratches on the surface of the showcase. Clean and wipe the rags of the showcase should be cleaned and dry to use. Wipe the surface of the counter with stains or gravel particles.

It is easy to cause the light friction of the museum showcase to damage the light of the showcase. 4. After wiping is completed, be sure to pay attention to air and dry water.

Prevent water from penetrating into the display cabinet, causing the display cabinet to rot, mold, etc. It is recommended to clean it with warm water, open the window for a period of time after cleaning, or use the dehumidification equipment to clean up the leftover water of the showcase. 5.

When cleaning the showcase, pay attention to the power off of the showcase to prevent the line from short circuit (except for some exhibition cabinets with a constant temperature and humidity system). It is necessary to combine the situation of the showcase, clean and clean, and do not cause damage or damage to the surrounding area when cleaning the showcase. 6.

When cleaning up the inside of the museum showcase, pay attention to protecting the cultural relics from being damaged. In many cases of cleaning the showcase in China, many domestic museums accidentally caused damage to cultural relics. Therefore, you must make a plan before cleaning up the showcase to fully consider the possible risks.

In the reasonable process, strictly follow the relevant process. When the museum showcase is cleaned up again, there are many aspects and details that need attention. But as long as we keep a professional and serious attitude, we will summarize a lot of experience.



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