The Swiss National Museum

Master the 3 types of lighting systems for museum exhibits to make your pavilion "be warmed with visitors"

The Swiss National Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview:The Swiss National Museum, located in Zurich, is the largest museum in the country and is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.  The museum mainly introduces and exhibits Swiss cultural relics, divided into primitive culture, Paleolithic and Mesolithic culture, Neolithic culture, and Roman culture;  Medieval arts and crafts, modern arts and crafts;  Weapons and uniforms, money and seals;  Humanities and calligraphy and other departments.  At the Swiss National Museum, you can browse thousands of years of European cultural history. 

The museum's main collection is the Swiss history and culture from the Neolithic age to the modern era.  There are medieval religious art boutiques, renaissance period tapestry, fresco, furniture, 16-17 century arts and crafts, 13-18 century weapons, gold and silver ornaments, 18-19 century Swiss folk clothing.  The main exhibits are: unearthed ancient cultural relics; weapons, flags, and uniforms from the ancient armory of Zurich; gold and silver jewelry; tinware, pottery, glassware, textiles, clothing, coins, seals, glass paintings, carvings, paintings, furniture and interior decoration, clocks, musical instruments, toys, farm utensils, etc. 

Upon entering the pavilion, you can see the huge mural painted by the young artist Hotlier, which became famous around the world.  The maze-like building houses more than 100 different galleries containing early archaeological finds, Roman relics, pagan artifacts, shields, and more. The galleries and halls are decorated in the style of the 15th to 18th centuries. 

The lighting system of museum exhibits plays a vital role in displaying and protecting cultural relics. Different types of exhibits may require different types of lighting systems. The following is the lighting system that DG will use when designing museum display cabinets:

1.LED lighting system:

LED lighting systems are increasingly popular in museums because LED fixtures offer advantages such as low energy consumption, long life, and lower heat output. This is especially important for protecting exhibits. DG showcase manufacturers can work with museums to provide specially designed showcases with built-in customized LED lighting systems. These lighting systems can be adjusted according to the characteristics and requirements of the exhibits, providing optimal lighting effects and reducing potential damage to the exhibits.

2. Infrared lighting system:

Some exhibits are light sensitive and require the use of infrared lighting systems. Infrared lighting can reduce the use of visible light when displaying items, thereby reducing light damage to exhibits. DG showcase manufacturers can consider the integration of infrared lighting in the showcase design to ensure that exhibits are not damaged while still being displayed in appropriate light.

3.UV filter lighting system:

UV rays are one of the biggest threats to museum exhibits, as long-term exposure can cause fading and damage to exhibits. To protect exhibits, museums often use lighting systems with UV filtering. DG showcase manufacturers can work with professional lighting suppliers to design lighting systems that can filter out most of the harmful UV rays and integrate them into the showcases to protect exhibits from UV rays to the greatest extent.

DG showcase manufacturers design customized showcase lighting systems to ensure the best protection and display of exhibits. The design of DG showcases should take into account the layout and use of the lighting system, as well as the specific needs of the exhibits, thereby minimizing possible damage to the exhibits. If you would like to customize a display cabinet that matches your museum exhibits, please contact DG.

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