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The Swiss National Museum Display Case Project

Master the 3 types of lighting systems for museum exhibits to make your pavilion "be warmed with visitors"

The Swiss National Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview:The Swiss National Museum, located in Zurich, is the largest museum in the country and is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.  The museum mainly introduces and exhibits Swiss cultural relics, divided into primitive culture, Paleolithic and mesolithic culture, Neolithic culture, Roman culture;  Medieval arts and crafts, modern arts and crafts;  Weapons and uniforms, money and seals;  Humanities and calligraphy and other departments.  At the Swiss National Museum, you can browse thousands of years of European cultural history. 

The museum's main collection is the Swiss history and culture from the Neolithic age to the modern era.  There are medieval religious art boutique, renaissance period tapestry, fresco, furniture, 16-17 century arts and crafts, 13-18 century weapons, gold and silver ornaments, 18-19 century Swiss folk clothing.  The main exhibits are: unearthed ancient cultural relics;weapons, flags and uniforms from the ancient armoury of Zurich;gold and silver jewelry;tinware, pottery, glassware, textiles, clothing,coins, seals, glass paintings, carvings, paintings, furniture and interior decoration, clocks, musical instruments, toys, farm utensils, etc. 

Upon entering the pavilion, you can see the huge mural painted by the young artist Hotlier, which became famous around the world.  The maze-like building houses more than 100 different galleries containing early archaeological finds, Roman relics, pagan artifacts, shields, and more. The galleries and halls are decorated in the style of the 15th to 18th centuries. 

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In 2019, DG display showcase and the Swiss pavilion pre-conversation to understand that the Swiss pavilion mainly through the network channels and market information and other aspects of our project experience and comprehensive strength of the enterprise, while DG display showcase learned that the Swiss national pavilion itself has very rich and professional experience in museums, the number of visitors in the pavilion every month are counted in tens of thousands, so the pavilion for the museum display lighting system and the lighting environment of the entire exhibition hall.The museum has very strict requirements for the lighting system of the museum exhibits and the lighting environment of the whole exhibition hall.

During the business negotiation, the Swiss pavilion mentioned that the aging of the lighting equipment and some of the light sources are damaged, which directly affects the audience's appreciation and love of the exhibits, and the experience is extremely bad, so the lighting system of these museum cabinets needs to be renovated urgently. Especially in the area of displaying craft costumes, the audience's recognition of the color and texture of the exhibits was reduced. Despite the unparalleled exquisiteness of the exhibits, the audience suffered from not being able to see the ornamentation of the exhibits clearly, which greatly reduced their interest in visiting the museum, and they could not feel the delicate and shocking visual effect of the exhibits, and at the same time, there was no way to deeply extend the transmission of Swiss culture. Therefore, DG display showcase added some flexible and operable elements according to the demands of the Swiss Pavilion team, and redesigned the solution of integrated structure of lighting and display cases.

In DG display showcase's museum display case specific lighting system program, three major lighting systems are mentioned:

First, the ambient lighting lighting system: is an important part of the environmental design in the museum exhibition hall, the ambient lighting should be conducive to the safety of human activities and comfortable viewing atmosphere, can make the audience in the many museum display case free and safe walking, and in the ambient lighting backdrop can let the audience soothe and relax to visit the exhibits.

Second, the focus of the lighting system: also known as "task lighting", it is a directional lighting, in the museum exhibition hall interior, the general use of LED track lighting as the focus of lighting, guiding the audience to move their eyes and focus to the museum exhibits displayed in the various types of exhibits.

Third, the atmosphere lighting system: museum display showcase internal atmosphere lighting is the most direct impact on the exhibits of lighting, ultra-high color rendering index can make the exhibits color restoration pure, saturated, transparent and refreshing, so that the museum display case of cultural relics and art exhibits more pleasing to the eye, reproduce the history and art of the bright, comprehensive enhance the display effect of art.

DG display showcase combined and applied the three major systems of lighting, and within 6 months, we had a clear understanding of the museum's needs, optimized and improved the lighting system of the showcase, and ensured the protection of the artifacts during the lighting maintenance. During the production period, in order to be able to ship out the products on time, the factory management made a comprehensive production arrangement plan in advance, from material preparation, production, transportation to installation, the whole assembly line cooperated perfectly, DG display showcase finally delivered a satisfactory answer through professional display case design scheme and reasonable production plan. Since the renovation of the lighting system for the Swiss National Museum, the Swiss National Museum has not only attracted visitors from all over the world, but also won the high evaluation and recognition of the local government. Finally,we would like to thank the Swiss National Museum for their trust and support to DG display showcase, and we will always keep our best service to each of our customers, and consider every small request of our customers thoroughly to provide professional solutions and services to more museums.

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