Shanghai National Bonded Warehouse High-End Luxury Showcase Project

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Shanghai National Bonded Warehouse High-End Luxury Showcase Project


Project Briefing and Building Overview: Shanghai Bonded Warehouse is a warehouse established by the Shanghai Jewelry Association in accordance with China's Belt and Road policy to introduce international big brands into the city. A luxury goods display area is set up inside. The display area mainly showcases the products of international famous brands such as Bulgari, Cartier and Graff, and they are organized together for show and display activities. Within this warehouse, customers can enjoy one-stop buying services, providing them with an efficient and convenient buying experience. Meanwhile this warehouse is equipped with modern facilities and equipment, including advanced security system, temperature control system and storage facilities to ensure the safety, neatness and orderliness of the goods.

Main products: Gold rings, gold necklaces, inlaigs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, watches and other luxury items

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcase, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high showcase, jewelry front showcase, jewelry window display cabinets, jewelry center island display showcase, jewelry curved showcase, jewelry hanging cabinets, jewelry vertical display cabinets, VIP jewelry display cabinets,jewelry props

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

DG display showcase is a professional display case design and manufacturing company, dedicated to providing high quality and customized display cases and display systems for customers. 2017, DG display showcase started a cooperation with Shanghai Bonded Warehouse. First, the team of Shanghai Bonded Warehouse found DG display showcase through online channels and came to the company for an inspection. During the inspection, the Shanghai bonded warehouse team recognized DG display showcase's overall strength, business philosophy and corporate culture, and DG display showcase's professionalism, quality assurance and service level were highly evaluated, which became an important opportunity for the two sides to establish a cooperative relationship. 

Design is a relatively complex process, as we need to achieve a balance of aesthetics and practicality as much as possible while meeting the needs of our clients. In order to better understand the client's needs and improve the accuracy and consistency of the product, DG display showcase sent a professional project team to the client's site for inspection, survey and docking communication. After that, our team conducted several brainstorming and discussion sessions to develop and modify the program for different details and issues. During this process, we constantly communicated and exchanged with the client to keep abreast of the client's feedback and modifications, and also made many valuable suggestions to the client, and we made adjustments and optimizations based on the client's feedback. After the unremitting efforts of both parties, we finally got a perfect design plan after the fifth revision.

The main style of this design is modern minimalist style, based on simple lines and color matching, combined with high-end materials to create a showcase with a sense of fashion and technology. At the same time, some artistic elements are also incorporated, so that the whole showcase not only meets the practical requirements, but also has a certain artistic value. A perfect solution requires exquisite technical cooperation. The product of this project is simple and uncomplicated, and the process is very difficult, and the person in charge is also very knowledgeable about the process. Before the official production, DG Display Showcase made a proof according to the customer's requirements. During this process, some minor problems appeared, but we also made many process enhancements in order to realize this solution.

First of all, the curved heat curved glass was a very important element in the whole design. It is difficult to make and requires high production precision without any gaps. And our design team, after many attempts and adjustments, successfully integrated the curved heat curved glass into the design of the showcase, making it visually more fluid and beautiful. Secondly, in order to enhance the user experience and convenience of the showcase, we adopt the intelligent opening system in the design, so that users can open the showcase more conveniently, and also enhance the technology and high-end sense of the showcase. Finally, in the whole design, lighting design is also a very important link. We use a variety of lights in the showcase, including display lights, ambient lights and background lights, etc., to achieve different visual effects. At the same time, the choice of lighting is also very important. We use high quality LED lights to ensure that the brightness, color reproduction and life span of the lights meet high standards.

In addition to design and production, we also provided our customers with services including transportation, installation and after-sales service. In this cooperation, the delivery time was also a great concern for the client. the project manager of DG display showcase knew very well the urgency of the client, and immediately after the design was approved, he contacted the production department and suppliers to discuss how to shorten the production cycle and transportation time. By increasing the number of laborers and optimizing the production process, the production department succeeded in shortening the production cycle by one week, and the supplier promised to provide the necessary raw materials and accessories within the specified time. The installation team of DG displaycase also arrived at the customer's site at the first time to carry out installation and equipment debugging for them. Since all the internal wiring of the showcase needs to be connected to the internal system of the bonded warehouse, and the customer requires the lighting to be evenly illuminated at all angles, we also debugged the equipment in the whole space after the installation of the showcase was completed to ensure the best display effect. And the use of the display cabinet personnel on the daily use, maintenance, emergency measures and other items for training.

After the unremitting efforts of both sides, we finally delivered the whole project smoothly, and got the high evaluation of the customer and the recognition of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Xihui, more anxious to provide convenience for the development of many international brands, who used to come to China to hold events, and then saw the quality of our products and thought there was no need to bring display cabinets to the Principality anymore. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services, think our business philosophy is very worth learning. This cooperation allows us to better understand the needs and requirements of our customers, and also makes us more mature and professional. In the future, we will continue to uphold the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy, to provide customers with more high-quality products and services, and constantly improve their strength and level, and cooperate with more customers to create more value for them.

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