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Private Collection Museum


Project Briefing and Building Overview: This project is a private collection of Evergrande Group, located in the office of Evergrande Group headquarters in Shenzhen. Mainly for displaying ceramics, calligraphy paintings, and some artworks collected by the chairman of Evergrande Group from all over the world, etc. In the process of optimizing the design scheme, DG display showcase is customized for different spatial environments, exhibition themes and characteristics of cultural relics, constantly highlighting the cultural exhibits and diluting the surrounding environment, the perfect display of different types of collections from various periods.

Products we supplied: Museum wall cabinet, museum stand-alone cabinet, museum flat cabinet, museum constant temperature and humidity display cabinet, museum glass display cabinet, museum hanging cabinet, museum heritage storage shelves, museum boutique display

Services we supplied: Optimized design, production, transportation, on-site installation, maintenance and repair

The Evergrande Private Collection is located in the office building of Evergrande Group headquarters in Shenzhen and is the private collection of the chairman of Evergrande Group, which is mainly used to display porcelain, calligraphy paintings and some artworks from various periods. Most of these collections are collected by Hui from all over the world, which is hoped to make more people understand Chinese culture and history.

The person in charge had already reached a cooperation with a furniture factory before contacting us, but the result was not good and very unprofessional because furniture and museum display cases are not even in the same field at all, so he decided to find a new museum display case supplier to cooperate. With the previous experience of failure, Evergrande was very careful in the selection of this supplier, screened a total of 10 display cabinet suppliers, and made field visits to them one by one. The person in charge of the initial meeting group went to the marketing center, exhibition hall and workshop of DG display showcase together with 6 persons, including designers, engineers, and the procurement department. We introduced to them the projects we had cooperated with in the past. After the visit, the museum had a deeper understanding of DG display showcase's professionalism and strength in museum display design and production and thought we were a very strong and professional museum factory. They also made clear and specific requirements to us and hoped we could give professional advice and provide a quote.

Before carrying out the museum display case design program, DG display showcase and Evergrande Group team had a close and in-depth communication. Evergrande Group is very concerned about the effect of lighting, glass restoration transparency and the fireproof performance of the museum display case, which is also the details we focus on in the process of this project to be involved and landed.

Artifacts in the museum display case between the light, oxygen, and artifacts will occur reactions - photooxidation reaction. The photo-oxidation reaction acts directly on the artifacts, decomposing the materials in the artifacts, especially paper artifacts, and the damage of the artifacts caused by this photo-oxidation reaction is permanent and irreversible. As the collection is mostly paper artifacts, in the museum lighting design, we should adhere to the "safe" "restore" "comfortable" lighting design concept. For each showcase are with the rate of intelligent and adjustable lighting system, which is more applicable of modern optical, electronic, and intelligent technology. On the basis and the principle of better protection for cultural relics to create a vital, dynamic, realistic feeling, the overall optimization of the visual lighting effect, to present and restore the historical and cultural heritage of exhibits and artistic attainment, to provide a comfortable light quality experience environment for the viewer.

In order to improve the permeability of the museum display case glass, DG display showcase will use low-reflection laminated glass, which not only has low iron content but also has a lower reflectivity than super white laminated glass. Visitors can barely see the silhouettes of people on the glass when viewing the artifacts, which greatly enhances the viewability. The use of low-reflective laminated glass can solve the problem of reduced visiting experience caused by reflections and human shadows in the display case. The glass is shapeless, highly permeable, non-reflective, and has no sense of separation, which restores the display color of cultural relics and makes the original lifelike collection present in front of the audience in a more perfect posture.

DG display showcase museum display cases used materials are in line with the professional standards of fire prevention, in addition, also equipped with fire extinguishing systems and equipment, because the event of fire requires the cooperation of multiple parties to minimize the loss. For different cultural relics, to take appropriate fire fighting methods, for example, for paper relics, gas fire extinguishing should be used.

In February of the following year, DG display showcase came to the headquarters at the invitation of Evergrande Group, together with other six companies. We had a final negotiation with Evergrande Group and finally confirmed the cooperation with DG display showcase. During the communication process, Evergrande Group expressed its recognition of DG display showcase's business philosophy, affirmation of the products and appreciation of the team's service. Next,we carried on the intense production,and in the middle of the production, Evergrande group also came to DG display showcase production site to check the quality and product,push the production progress. Things are going well, these are all efforts on both sides. After the production was completed, DG display showcase provided transportation and on-site installation services for this project, and gave guidance to the group's staff on the usage, emergency training, and maintenance training for the group's users. Due to the successful completion of this project, DG Display Showcase also entered the long-term supplier procurement system of Evergrande Group and became a long-term partner. We are very grateful for everyone's contribution to each other in this project, and DG display showcase will continue to work hard to continuously empower the museum business and promote the development of the industry.

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