Seven Steps to Inspect Jewelry Display Cases

In today's dazzling market of customized jewelry display cases, the appearance of the counter is essential, but it is even more critical to pay attention to the quality of the display cases when choosing a jewelry display case manufacturer. Quality affects the final display effect of the store, and good quality can enhance your brand image and increase the value of your products. Therefore, we first need to have a preliminary understanding of display case customization to avoid detours! Here are the quality inspection methods for jewelry display case customization summarized by DG display showcase based on 24 years of experience:

  1. 1.Appearance inspection. The appearance check is the first step in display case acceptance. We need to check if the surface of the display case is smooth, the appearance is beautiful, and if the color and texture of the display case meet the requirements.

2. Strength inspection. The display case is a critical component for carrying jewelry. Therefore, we need to check the strength of the display case, including its stability and load-bearing capacity. This is the basic requirement to ensure that the display case can safely display jewelry.

3. Connection inspection. The display case is made of various materials such as metal and glass, so we need to carefully check the connection between these materials to ensure that they are tightly sealed and do not affect the jewelry display.

4. Glass inspection. The glass of the display case is a crucial part of displaying jewelry. It should be checked for defects such as flatness, scratches, bubbles, and burrs. Also, the thickness and quality of the glass need to meet the requirements to ensure that it does not break easily during use.

5.  Lighting inspection. The lighting of the display case is an essential factor in highlighting the jewelry display effect. We need to check whether the brightness, color, and angle of the light meet the requirements to ensure that the jewelry can be displayed better.

6. Drawer rail smoothness inspection. The drawers of the display case need to slide smoothly for users to easily place and remove jewelry. We need to check the smoothness of the drawer rails to ensure they can slide smoothly without jamming or noise, thereby improving the user experience.

7. Detail inspection. The final step is to check the details, including the corners and edges of the display case, for any defects or damage. If there are defects or damage, the overall quality of the display case will be affected.

In summary, the inspection of jewelry display cases requires careful observation of aspects such as appearance, strength, connection, glass, lighting, drawer rail smoothness, and details. Only after a comprehensive inspection can the quality of the display case meet the standard, allowing your jewelry to be displayed more effectively.

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