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Depending on the different application in the showcase production there are many problems need to pay attention to, then how to choose the proper display cabinets? In the following we will make a brief introduction:

The display cabinets and display rack against wall is the opaque backplane which can choose the same color with the cabinet appearance,white color(referral), mirror. And at the top can install the box films, cabinet lights can choose the fluorescent lamps, spotlights, LED spotlights. The height of the top with a light box generally range from 1800-2400mm, height of display cabinet under 1800 are inappropriate installed top lighting boxes. Depth ordinary from 350-400mm,If displaying larger sizes item can select depth 400mm.


2.The wooden display cabinets, display cabinets of wooden paint is the most commonly used display cabinets in modern shopping malls, such display cabinets mostly are custom and can manufacture all kinds of specifications, style of display cabinet in accordance with the design requirements.The style is very rich. When purchasing it is advisable for you to pay attention to the texture of the wood and paint quality.There are some wooden display cabinets which have the abundant texture such as beech,cherry, oak and the ones with coarse textures are ash, pine and so on.And thebaking varnish also divide into matt,semi-matt, light.In addition,the painting also have open wood grain paint, wood varnish, monochrome matt paint, varnish monochrome, high-end piano paint.Wooden display cabinets,display cabinets of wooden paint  are high-end display cabinets, normally used in the high-end exhibit area and for the use of luxury and elegant goods, the display cabinets should associated with all the showroom space and the show results.

3.The ordinary height of counter display cabinets range from 950mm to 1000mm and mostly used in the large-scale shopping malls, stores or outlets. Between 1000-1500mm width, depth between 500-600mm,having many type of front and back pulling which can be based on demonstrated needs. The front of the height when customers standing to view of the display cabinets ordinarily from 1300mm to1800mm and this part of the ordinary height restraint in the 150-200mm if the top equipped with light box or brand LOGO word. If not installed with light box at the top, display cabinets have the ordinary height between 1500-1700mm.When customers sitting or bow down to watch the display cabinets,the height ordinary between 800-1000mm,the appearance can be designed for the display cabinet style or square, circular, polygonal,etc


4.The square vertical display cabinets or display rack are the ordinarily four sides of the transparent glass.The display cabinets in the size of 400 * 400mm is more appropriate to show jewelry,jewelry accessories, watches, mobile phones and other items.And the display cabinet in the size of 500 * 500mm used to display gifts, large wall clock jewelry, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, alcohol and tobacco products, as well as the larger size of the merchadises.There are even larger display cabinets that is suitable for lage scal products display.


5.All-glass display cabinet and acrylic display cabinets.Such display cabinet is very transparent, can display the product in three-dimension and the specifications may be based on the size, type of merchandize.Such display cabinet is mostly used in large commodity such as crafts, large jade, exhibits, etc.When purchasing you should pay attention to the glass and the acrylic adhesive should be strong, carefully.The surface of glass, acrylic appearance have no scratches and the  milling average.


6.The aluminum frame, stainless steel frame display cabinets have the optional color is matte gold, snow white, black, white, western red, gray and other colors, and also can be customized by the color samples that customer requirements. The common gold or a strong sense of metal items are often use matte black, finished leather products, tobacco and alcohol, porcelain, crafts use more gold frame with black plate. The choice of colors common are related to the commodity requirements of the customer. In addition, the color temperature of ordinary light source of display cabinet range between 2700K-6400K,if the low color temperature,the light is yellow or red,if the high color temperature,the light is white and glare. Ordinary jewelry,the jewelry requested high color temperature and the illumination,while the ordinary crafts (leather goods) department stores require lower color temperature.

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