How to Get a Quote From a Shopfitter to Fit Out Your Shop

In order to request an accurate quote from a shopfitter you will need to build up a good picture of the work that needs to be done, I've broken it down below into smaller chunks:

1. What are you trying to achieve?

Think about the outcome that you want. Then 'probe' your answer by asking yourself lots of questions like: 

  • What will my shop sell?
  • Who will use my shop?
  • What conditions will my shop have to cope with?
  • What level of quality will my customer base expect?
Don't try to detail the specifics just yet - the objective now is to question your original perceptions about what functions your shop really needs to fulfil. You may have had visions of 'glossy furniture' and 'designer interiors' - but will they pay off in the long run? If you're selling luxury items in an upmarket area then those things may well be expected by the customer, but if you're not, then will they be worth the cost?

2. Where are you now?

At what stage are you currently? Do you even have a shop yet? If you don't have a shop premises in mind then it will be difficult to obtain an accurate quote. If you already have a premise, then establish its underlying condition. To what extent will your shop need stripping out? Is the shop structurally sound? Does it require demolition? Are you likely to have to redo the plumbing? This information will form the basis to build upon.

3. The specifics of the shop fitting.

This is where you'll need to be as detailed as possible. When working with a shopfitter to get a shop fitting quote they will need to know in as much detail as possible what is required. Now you need to be numerical: 

  • The floor is this big and this many people will be coming into our shop and walking on it.
  • We require this many shelves of this type of shelving.
  • We want our shop logo to be this size and material.
  • We will need this much storage space in our shop.
Any good shopfitter will know the right questions to ask to draw the necessary information from you in order to provide an accurate shop fitting quote. They require this information for their estimators and quantity surveyors to do their jobs accurately.

They will also want to know about any equipment you want them to order or install for you. It makes more sense to get the shopfitter to do the complete job - including installation of equipment, ensuring quality and continuity through out. Also doing this leaves all of the project management in their hands, and they should be good at it if they are reputable. If you order equipment yourself then communicate frequently with the shopfitter so they have completed the necessary work after which the equipment can be installed.

The shopfitter will write everything down in a specification which should be agreed on by both parties. This prevents confusion occurring.

4. How quickly do you need your shop fitting?

So you want your shop fitted out in record time? Then expect it to cost more. Also take into account that it may take a while if you need to order specific equipment. Sometimes six to eight weeks or more, depending on the nature of what you require.

5. Other considerations.

There are other factors that you may also need to consider. Planning permission if you are undertaking larger works. This can take time and may not go as smoothly as you'd like. You should start planning early so that the wheels are in motion. If you have big ambitions then start planning very early!

6. After the quote.

Once you have received your quote from your shopfitter then it's time to sit down and evaluate it. Is it within your budget? Hopefully yes. But rather commonly the answer is no. In which case you'll need to either raise more money - if you think it will add value to your business in the long term. Or perhaps more likely - find some areas to save in. Go through your specification in great detail and scrutinise all aspects of it. Do you really need everything? You may need to find areas to compromise on to get the cost down.


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