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5 Details To Run a Successful Business With Our Showcase

Detail 1. Select the location of display according to the brand


Under normal circumstances,when choosing the brand display locations, we first thought basically in certain mall entrance or nearby, because we always thought that it is easy to increase the lively atmosphere with a lot of traffic.But the fact is not always as we expected. It’s right to choose the  location and the high traffic traffic. In addition,we have to consider whether the local active people can be in accordance with the crowd of the brand positioning and brand products.For example, your brand positioning is for those 20 to 30-year-old fashion young people,we suggest the place of activities can next to the door of the high-end stores and near the subway.


Detail 2. The decoration of the showroom should pursuit the freshness

Decoration of the showroom, on the one hand, should be consistent to brand image which gives a feeling of harmony and unity visually; On the other hand,also need a breakthrough in the traditional thinking.Don’t always can not get rid of the brand spokesman at the beginning of the design, just like a textile enterprise boldly use the idea of "pet" in the trading fair, as well as the exaggerated visual design, to attract the attention of visitors. Usually the most eye-catching places are reflected in the subtle details of the office. The regular decoration can always hardly to attract the interest of visitors, and even easy to produce visual fatigue.

Therefore, we advise that the relevant personnel in the design of the image of showroom design should give more consideration to how to use the details to reflect the brand's special,and exert the imagination boldly, applied the creativity to a specific point. Even if we can not do without a spokesman for the brand, and we need to make efforts on the design of spokesperson image, such as the spokesperson for the image of the design beyond the normal picture, to give the visitors special visual illusion.


Detail 3. The display in the exhibition hall should be unique and fresh 

How is the display standard? What are the requirements in the selection of props? The visual merchandiser may consider this aspect in the display process more or less.After all, the success of the display or not related to the whole display effect. If your display is innovative enough, and will definitely firmly attracted visitors at the first time, and further arouse their interest in the visit. Instead,at the moment the visitors went into the exhibition hall, then he turned away, your display does not have the slightest attraction. The author believes that while the visual merchandiser in the choice of props,except from considering the brand image,and the overall environment of showroom kiosk, but also should consider other factors like brand or product.For example, the positioning of the brand is emphasizing the warmth of the family or a single emotional demands, the main exhibits is fashion or luxury, they can even start from the product color,to shape the overall display effect. 

In such a creative era, people are very curious to observe everything happening around them, in order to make the spectators have favorable view of us, it is not easy.For the visual merchandiser who is creative, a bed must not be used to display at 2m x 2.2m rectangular, while there may be a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped and the like. The exhibition is the easiest way to convey the intuitive and visual information to the visitors.Keep in mind that the the process of display rather pursuit of bold and exaggeration, do not arbitrarily imitate or copy the successful model of others.

Details 4. The layout of the showroom lighting


Many people are aware of the importance of lighting layout, but very few companies are willing to spend money to hire a real "professional" gaffer to arrange the light source in the display activities. From a viewer's point of view, I believe that only for promotion, as long as keeping the general basic illumination that will be alright.If for those large-scale brand display,it is very necessary to hire the experienced professional gaffer,only experienced professionals know how to use light to heighten the overall environment so as to achieve the effect you want such as warm, romantic, natural,etc. If it is a professional lighting specialists within the industry,by using of light,it can also reflect the luxury, elegant, fashion and beautiful products.

Detail 5. The choice of welcoming shopping guide


Choose what kind of purchasing guide is very important.Here i want to talk about what purchasing guide should pay attention to during the display process.

(1) Image.If you exhibit activities are very important,it requirements the external image and temperament of the shopping guide, or even wear clothing consistent with the main exhibition products, rather than the usual working uniforms.Maybe wearing professional working suits may look agile, but nothing special targeted, often will not achieve the role to attract visitors.

(2) Service attitude.On the premise of understanding of the business, brand, product,the attitude of affable, active, enthusiastic but does not seem excessive, this is the basic requirements of the shopping guide. In the exhibition process, the role of shopping guide except for playing a role of  "welcome etiquette" ,he or she even should learn how to observe the mood and intention of visitors, and take the initiative to politely explain to visitors the brand and product. Guide them to touch and feel the product and feel the uniqueness, and try their best to arouse their interest in the products, and the interest in the brand.

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