How to make your store fixture outstanding

The retail trade is far more complex than what many people think. Customer behaviour, seasonal trends and the online threat are just a few issues retailers have to deal with. Another area that is extremely important and sometimes is not given the required attention by retailers is shop fittings and displays.

Just like analysing customer behaviour and trying to understand how prospects think are sciences that retailers spend thousands, maybe millions, of pounds each year to master them. The way products are displayed on a given shop is a science in its own way.

It is not just about organizing products in alphabetical order or by colour or even by brand. Products need to be displayed in a way that customers are enticed to buy them and that is when the science of shop fittings and displays come into play.

"We Shop with our eyes"

When it comes down to shop fixtures and display units in each case there is one rule that suits them all. Fittings and displays need to be gentle on the eye to draw customer's attention without shading the product.

A common mistake made my shop owners is spending thousands of pounds in state-of-the-art fittings that instead of displaying their commodities in an appealing and inciting way it ends up drawing more attention than the product itself. Store fixtures and displays need to be chosen accordingly to theme and style of the shop.

In order to get this right you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself the following questions. What would incite you to buy in a shop just like yours? How would you display products so customers can find them in the glance of an eye? What would incite you to walk into a shop like yours?

Sometimes to find the answers to these questions you will need to seek professional help from shop fitters or interior decorators.

Trained retail fitters not only realise how to put together shelving, displays, slatwalls, they also know the locations to put them in order to attract more attention.

Speaking of detail did you know the colour of your shop and fittings influences in your prospects decision?

It is not new that colours have their influence in people's moods, actions and behaviour. Studies revealed that certain colours can influence costumers in their final decision. For instance an office space needs to use white an bright colours so workers don't fell sleep and the other hand red and yellow are known to incite hunger, McDonald's anyone?

So choose the colours of your fixtures and displays based on the theme of you shop and the products you are or will be selling. Not sure what colours will work best? Ask your shop decorator he or she will certainly be able to help you.

Finally but no least important is the your shop layout, again the best way to get this right is to sit down with your shop fitter or decorator to workout a layout that will pull costumers straight from the side-walk into your shop.

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