Why does DG display showcase choose to use ultra clear tempered toughened glass?

Ultra clear tempered toughened glass is a high-quality glass material that has undergone special treatment and is widely used in various occasions, including jewelry display cases, museum exhibitions, commercial advertising, and architectural curtain walls. As a professional display case manufacturer, DG display showcase insists on using ultra-white tempered glass for the following reasons:

1.High-quality display effect: Ultra-white tempered glass has very high transparency and color reproduction, which can truly restore the color and texture of the displayed items. Using ultra-white tempered glass in jewelry display cases can make the jewelry brighter and clearer, improve the display effect, and enhance attractiveness. In museum exhibitions, ultra-white tempered glass allows the audience to better appreciate cultural relics and artworks, enhancing the artistic value and appreciation of exhibits.

2. High strength, high safety, and low self-explosion rate: Ultra-white tempered glass undergoes special processing and treatment, making the distribution of surface and internal tension more uniform and with fewer defects, providing high strength and impact resistance. In display cases, curtain walls, and other fields, ultra-white tempered glass can withstand greater external pressure and impact, is not easily broken, and avoids accidental injury. Even if it shatters, ultra-white tempered glass will not produce sharp fragments, but rather small particles, reducing the threat to personal safety.

3.Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of ultra-white tempered glass is smooth and flat, making it easy to clean and maintain. Compared to other glass materials, the surface of ultra-white tempered glass is less prone to scratches and defects, maintaining its aesthetic and quality durability.

4.Environmental protection and sustainability: Ultra-white tempered glass is an environmentally friendly glass material that does not produce harmful substances and will not cause pollution to the environment. In display cases, curtain walls, and other fields, ultra-white tempered glass also has excellent sustainability, allowing for recycling and reuse.

In summary, ultra-white tempered glass, as a high-quality and high-performance glass material, has a wide range of application prospects and market demand. As a professional display case manufacturer, we will continue to insist on using ultra-white tempered glass and constantly explore and research new materials and new processes to provide customers with more professional, high-quality, and personalized display case solutions to meet the needs and expectations of different customers.

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