Importance Of Good Shop Displays and How to Achieve Them

The high street market place has never been so competitive. Not only are we competing against other high street stores but we also have the internet and mail order companies to contend with! The concept for attracting custom for all these retail groups is pretty much the same!

Internet stores can make themselves instantly attractive to a perspective customer by having a well designed website. Web designers ensure a websites homepage is inviting to its potential customer. This can be done in many ways, be it an intro video clip, a themed colourful website or informative text blurb. Web stores have to put a lot of work into creating an attractive landing page for their site to reduce the "bounce rate" (The common term for the percentage of people leaving the site as soon as they enter it).

This concept also applies to catalogue companies. You would not have any interest in picking up a blank catalogue. Catalogue companies distribute thousands of catalogues and therefore have to ensure the cover is attractive. Without an attractive cover they run the risk that you may never pick it up.

Now we are on to our high street store. The same concept applies again; we need to take the angle of internet stores and catalogue companies if we are to remain competitive. To stand out in what we do, we have to replicate what they are doing! The best way of doing this is simple; make the most of our shop displays! Whether we use props, lighting or art we can stimulate interest and coordinate our products within the display to promote product awareness!

By using props in window displays we create automatic interest; it is often the most obscure, imaginative displays that get the most attention! If you can get people to stand and discuss your window display, the likelihood is they will be intrigued enough to venture in. Just the same as a website creates an interesting homepage to make us delve further and a catalogue creates an interesting cover to make us turn the page.

We can use props related to our business, for example fake meat for butchers, fake fish for fishmongers or create an absolutely unique display and apply our products to it. A display created recently did this very well. It was a shoe store that wanted to create a Wimbledon theme! Not a theme directly connected to shoes but topical! They covered the front shop display area in artificial grass, with randomly placed fake strawberries and then cleverly placed classy stiletto shoes around the area. It may sound odd but it was really eye catching!

You may want to be slightly more obvious than this! For example display your winter clothes collection, in a snow scene. This can be easily achieved by using fake snow, fake snowmen and winter style props. As long as your display looks professional and interesting it is sure to attract customers.

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