Protective Function: Cultural Relic Display Cases must be able to Protect Cultural Relics.

  1. 1.Airtightness.There is no doubt that a good airtightness is the basis for creating an effective environment for the protection of cultural relics, but also directly reflect the level of production technology of a manufacturer. Heritage preservation is concerned about, is to have a difference between the museum outside the cabinet, after the human regulation and long-term stability of the appropriate (inside the cabinet) environment. The role of high airtightness lies in its ability to prevent harmful factors (such as harmful gases, moisture, etc.) outside the exhibit to enter the exhibit, thus causing interference with the environment inside the exhibit. The key to solving the problem of airtightness is to start from the production technology, in this regard, DG display showcase to create an intelligent production line, the introduction of laser cutting machine, CNC planing machine, CNC shearing machine and other advanced production equipment, the implementation of museum facilities precision, refinement of production, to effectively ensure that the museum display case sealing and other basic indicators to meet the needs of cultural relics exhibition and collection.

2.Security.In the previous article, we mentioned and elaborated the "solid and reliable", "the environmental protection of display cabinet materials" and "suitable cabinet environment" these points, here again to add. First of all is the seismic, this is important for some fragile cultural relics, DG display showcase heritage display case optional seismic isolation device, after the earthquake can automatically recover, seismic performance is stable and reliable, can display space to provide a strong seismic protection. Then is the anti-theft function, DG display showcase of cultural relics showcase equipped with museum special locks, with high performance, anti-technical theft function. The key interchangeability rate is not less than 1/150,000, and the installation position of the locks is concealed. Next is the alarm system, such as glass breakage detector, can be used to detect the sound of broken ordinary glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and laminated glass. As well as bus system alarm host and a series of alarm devices to protect the safety of cultural relics from the inside out.

3.Convenience of cabinet door opening.Whether the cabinet door has a convenient opening method reflects whether the design of a museum showcase is user-friendly enough. DG display showcase's showcases have multiple opening methods depending on the model, such as side-opening and 90° side-opening for independent tall cabinets, automatic sliding opening for independent large cabinets, electric lifting and flip-up opening for table cabinets, and electric track sliding opening for large wall-mounted cabinets. Multiple showcase models and opening methods are available for the museum to choose from based on actual needs. All opening methods are easy to operate and flexible, without obvious noise or difficulties in opening and closing.

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