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Commercial Showcase Manufacturing Procedure

1. Notifices Of Measurement

This step is the most original step of producing store merchandise display cabinets.Generally, customers will inform the producers by telephone to do the measuring.It requires to lay an emphasis on the time and place as well as the specific categories and specific brands to avoid the phenomena of the negligence and mistake of the measurement. Display cabinets producers can also confirm it with the local business to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena. To standardize this step,A special measuring memo should be established and marked out the related content and requirements and send to the display case producer by literary fax as a measurement basis.This also contribute to make the actual operations more efficiently. 

2Spot Investigations 

After receiving the measuring notices of customer,the special measurement sheet should be established.Above reflect the specific information for the salesman and the specific requirements of the store merchandise display cabinets of shopping malls which is very convenient throughout this process.Generally contact to the salesman together go to shopping malls and the spot to investigate will reduce a lot of unnecessary mistakes, this step is the most important in the entire store merchandise display cabinets producing process and also the one that prone to cause the problems.Generally it will be reflected in both the change of the spot and the producing requirements of shopping malls,the change of place often notice ahead of time to the salesman. And the salesman inform the display cabinet maker to re-measure again.And when it comes to the requirement of making by shopping mall,it would come up with some rigid requirements which  often have some conflicts with the CI standard of the salesman.If not producing in accordance with the requirements of the mall,the entering deposit of display cabinet producers can not be refunded.We hope the salesman reinforce the confirmation of this case while communicating with the mall and do convenience to the field operation of the display cabinets producers.

3.Design A Diagram

The design drawings are generally designed according to the requirements of the CI standard.According to the different shopping malls and the different grades to design the different design renderings, display cabinet maker will create a special designer process certificate to reflect some specific information to make this project to run and implement better.This certificate adopt the tracking method and start building when the designer receive the measuring form until the confirmation of order of this project and factory manufacturing.All these are relative steps that are necessary.

4. Design Drawings Confirm

The general design drawings confirmation divided into malls and the salesman confirmation, mall confirmation directly confirmed by the party A salesman with the shopping malls. And the general problems prone to be happen in the confirmation of the mall design drawings.Due to the same time that producing of the store merchandise display cabinets like mentioned above, there are some making rules while your company also have the making standard.And it often prone to make some conflicts. For example, if not the special mall it usually adopt the laminate floor while the shopping mall sometimes need to use the glass floor which lead to disagreement. The display cabinets producers generally send measuring form by fax to the party A salesman to reflect the specific requirements and information after the measurement. When the party A received the this fax and then make further communication with the shopping malls which will reduce some unnecessary problems. To ensure that the operation of this project is the implementation of a correct program and the design drawings can be recognized by both sides of the mall and party A salesman.

5.Oder Confirmation

The design drawings are confirmed by both sides of the mall and the showcase producer before placing order. The producer of the display cabinet will make an order to the factory by the design process form. All the essential factors of this project and producing requirements are reflected on this form to facilitate the factory to implement.In the meanwhile to note the arriving time and the completion.This document can accomplish this operation after receiving the signature confirmation of both sides of malls and customer.

6. Offer Confirmation

After the confirmation of the designer drawings, we will make a special project quotation according to the drawing. And the Party A confirm the audit and notify us to begin manufacturing. Party A  need to make a producing notices of the store merchandise display cabinet in written form by fax to the part of display cabinets producer which reflects the audit amount of Party A ,the floor area of the showcase, producing type and time requirements and other specific factors. While the display cabinet producers receive the producing notices, in the meanwhile ,send the design process form and final confirmation of the effect diagram to the factory, the factory will operate in full details according to documents.

7. Factory Production


When the factory received a design process document (the document will reflect the requirements of the mall),and then complete the work of reviewing materials and also establish the material requisition of this project.The workers go to the warehouse to pick the materials for manufacturing according to the material requisition.After the completion of the showcase producing,the factory manager should make a factory acceptance for the project.In the meanwhile,making the factory acceptance certificate to ensure 100% qualification rate before installing this project.In this step,the factory should stick to the specifications of the design process certificate to avoid some problems happen.The factory manager also need to audit the products in accordance with the design process certificate.

8. Site Installation

After the store merchandise display cabinet making is completed, while the scene assembling we also establish the list of project construction (tracking to store merchandise display cabinet construction is completed), the documents reflect some of the basic information of the project, and the record of problems in the assembly process. There are many emergencies and amendment caused by non-artificial reason for on-site construction. The producer of display cabinets will reflect in this document, at the same time make the confirmation for the party A and the shopping mall which is very convenient for party A to audit.

9. On-site Inspection

After the construction is completed we will make an overall acceptance foe party A salesman by the project construction form.At the same time to sign and give the rating on it. So as to achieve the appearance of the 100% pass rate and 100% scene assembling passing rate.The producer of the display cabinets have the special after-sales service card that is affixed on the back of cashier .If there is something in need of repair on-site, you can directly call the display cabinets producer. We set up the specific after-sales service tracking tickets according to the specifications, the repair time and maintenance contents and will deal with the repair items.

10. Feedback

After acceptance, the display cabinet producer will fax the project construction list to the party A, and inform the completion of this project has qualified to complete.

The measurement notice - measuring certificate- design process document - quotation - production notice – materials requisitions - factory acceptance certificate - engineering construction sheet – after-sales service tracking ticket

These certificates constitute the complete system of a single project that they are all the indispensable steps and also make it more effective and more efficient in the implementation of terminal stores and the store  display cabinets.

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