Selection guide for showcase handles, creating a unique display style


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Showcases are an indispensable element in shops, exhibitions and display spaces. As an important part of the showcase, handles not only provide convenient opening functions, but also play a role in decorating and beautifying the appearance of the showcase. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right showcase handle, which will add a unique style to your showcase and attract more attention. In this article, we will introduce you to some key points when purchasing showcase handles. We hope it will be helpful to you.


1. Consider the style of the showcase. When choosing a showcase handle, the first thing to consider is the style of the showcase. Different styles of showcases need different types of handles to match, so as to ensure the harmony and unity of the overall appearance. If your showcase adopts a modern minimalist style, you can choose a metal handle with simple and smooth lines; while for a classic-style showcase, you can choose a retro and elegant copper handle, which can enhance the overall atmosphere.


2. Consider showcase size and weight. The size and weight of your showcase are also important factors to consider when choosing handles. Large showcases may require larger, sturdier handles to support the switches, while smaller showcases may benefit from smaller, more delicate handles. In addition, make sure that the handle you choose can bear the weight of the showcase to avoid handle failure.


3. Consider the usage scenarios and people. Different use scenarios and groups of people will also affect the choice of handle. If your showcase is mainly used in a home environment, consider choosing a round and smooth plastic handle to ensure a safe and comfortable touch; In commercial exhibitions, decorative handles with artistic and visual impact can be chosen to attract more audience's attention.


4. Consider material and quality. The material and quality of the handle of the showcase are directly related to its service life and durability. Common handle materials include metal, plastic, ceramics, etc. Metal handles usually have high strength and durability, and are suitable for frequent use for a long time; while plastic handles are light and easy to install, and are suitable for general household scenarios. No matter what material you choose, you must ensure that the surface of the handle is smooth and free of burrs, and the connection part is firm and reliable to ensure safe use.


5. Pay attention to details and color matching. When choosing a handle for a showcase, you should not only pay attention to its practicality and quality, but also pay attention to details and color matching. The handle of the showcase can be the finishing touch in the overall design. Choosing a handle that is in harmony with the overall color of the showcase can enhance the overall aesthetic feeling of the showcase.


To sum up, the selection of showcase handles is a process that considers many factors. We hope that the key points introduced in this article can help you find the ideal handle for your showcase on the official website of DG display showcase. Choosing the right handle will add a lot of color to your showcase and make your display style unique.


May your showcase display be outstanding and attract more customers' attention and love!

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