Jewellery display showcase design classification

Jewellery display showcase is a kind of showcase used to store and display jewellery products, as different types of jewellery products have different characteristics, so the design of the display showcases will also be different. In this article, we will classify and analyse the design of different types of jewellery showcase from several aspects such as gold, gemstones, jade and jewellery museums.


The first is the showcase design for gold. Gold jewellery is popular for its exquisite production and has become one of the most popular wedding jewellery of choice in China. With the year-on-year growth of gold jewellery sales, the gold showcase industry has also been developing rapidly. From the initial single display, to the current awareness of the overall artistic design and perfection of the anti-theft process, the progress of modern technology has also driven the development of the entire industry chain. Gold showcases are usually designed in a range of golden colors, and the surface of the gold showcases can be polished to increase the brightness and lustre. In addition, the display of gold showcases require a simple and generous overall design, with lighting effects to create a noble and elegant atmosphere, so that customers can be attracted at a glance.


The second is the showcase design for the gemstone. There are more kinds of gemstones, common ruby, sapphire, vermiculite, garnet, tourmaline and so on. Gemstones are mainly characterised by fashion, so most gemstone showcases are designed with a fashionable design style. For example, bright, simple colors and atmosphere can increase the beauty and attractiveness of the showcase. At the same time, the design of a gemstone showcase should also take into account the texture and colour of the gemstone, for which the background colour can be used to contrast with the surface of the showcase to highlight the characteristics of the gemstone. The lighting inside the showcase should also take full account of the colour of the gemstones to make them more distinct and moving.


The next step is the design showcase of the jewellery museum . Although there are many museums across the country, there are very few jewellery museums, and even fewer private jewellery museums. The purpose of a jewellery museum display is to allow young people to learn about jewellery and appreciate its potential value . The design style of a jewellery museum display usually takes into account the cultural and historical background of the jewellery and aims to create a classical yet contemporary atmosphere. This design usually uses wooden materials with classical lighting and display methods, giving the jewellery display case a cultural touch. In addition, the jewellery displayed in the showcase requires special presentation, such as the use of magnifying glasses and platforms, to allow the viewer to better appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of the jewellery. The background of the showcase should also echo the cultural background of the jewellery, for example, in a Chinese style jewellery museum, traditional Chinese elements and patterns can be used as the background, thus creating a stronger cultural atmosphere.


Finally, the design style of the jade showcase. Jade is an important part of traditional Chinese jewellery culture, and is also the focus of the jade showcase design. The colour and texture of jade needs to be particularly prominent, so the design of jade showcases usually uses lighter shades to highlight the texture of jade. The background of the display case and the display stand usually use light colors such as cyan and white to highlight the color of the jade. In addition, special consideration needs to be given to the lighting inside the showcase in order to illuminate the texture and colour of the jade.


Overall, the design style of a jewellery display case needs to take into account the characteristics of the jewellery, the cultural background and the needs of the audience in order to create an aesthetically pleasing, practical, safe and high quality display space.

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