Laos Luxury Jewelry Chain Brand Project

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Laos Luxury Jewelry Chain Brand Project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a famous local jewelry brand in Laos. The founder has loved jewelry design since he was a child, but he was acutely aware that despite Laos' deep cultural heritage and unique artistic style, local jewelry design was little known in the international market. Therefore, he decided to create a brand that would show the art of local Lao jewelry to the world. The brand blends traditional art and modern style, aiming to present the beauty and uniqueness of traditional Lao cultural and artistic elements, while incorporating them into modern designs to create stylish yet sophisticated jewelry. The brand pays attention to every detail of jewelry design and is dedicated to creating truly unique pieces of jewelry. In the brand's jewelry designs, we can see the beauty of traditional culture and modern art fused with each other, which is exactly what the brand and its founder wanted to showcase.

Main products: Gold rings, gold necklaces, K gold earrings, K gold bracelets, natural gemstones, colored gemstones, jade and pearls, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc.

Products we supplied: Jewelry display cabinets, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high cabinets, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window display cabinets, jewelry center island display cabinets, jewelry curved cabinets, jewelry hanging cabinets, jewelry vertical display cabinets, jewelry hanging cabinets, VIP jewelry display cabinets, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, negotiation tables, sofas, coffee tables, cash registers, TVs, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

DG display showcase's process of working with our clients is a challenging one, as we need to consider their needs as well as the competitive situation in the market. However, we always believe that through our professional services and quality products, we can create the best display for our clients. 2022, the client found us through the internet. In the previous search, the customer had found two jewelry display counterparts but was not very satisfied. After the client saw our website, he liked our products and design very much, thought we were very professional, and decided to choose us to design the whole store's display case for him. This is a very celebratory moment because we know that the customer can firmly choose us, it represents the customer's trust and recognition of us.

Understanding the customer's pain points, valuing the customer, and quickly comprehending and interpreting the customer's meaning have always been the points that DG display showcase pays great attention to when serving the customer. The client told us that the store was located in the mall, in a very good location, right at the escalator, but there was another jewelry store next to it. At this point, we were clear about the client's concerns and needs. So we designed the plan taking into account the flow of people and the environment on site and using user thinking to help the client. At the same time, we added our professional advice to help the client design the plan from the perspective of how to attract people, increase sales, and surpass peers, so as to create the best display effect for the client.

DG Display Showcase's professional design team takes the following points into consideration when designing a scheme.

1. Consider the site's pedestrian flow and environment:DG display showcase analyzes the location and surrounding environment of the client's store to determine how best to attract pedestrian flow. This includes consideration of the location of the store, the direction of foot traffic, and the location of competitors. This helps determine the best display solution and location to ensure that the client's store display is more eye-catching.

2. Consider the display effect: DG display showcase will consider the display effect from different angles, such as display area, lighting effect, display method, etc., to provide the best display solution to ensure that the display of the client's store is more professional and attractive, and maximize the uniqueness and high quality of the client's products.

3. Consider customer needs: DG display showcase will consider the display solution from the customer's perspective and provide the best solution according to the customer's needs. For example, customers have high requirements for display volume, so in the selection of display case style, we will choose wall cases with sufficient display volume. At the same time, customers also attach great importance to store storage capacity, so the demand for low cabinets is also relatively large. DG display showcase will provide solutions from a professional perspective according to these demands.

4. Provide complete store design plan: In order to better create the atmosphere of the whole store DG display showcase provides customers with a complete store design plan, including soft and hard decoration design. The soft decoration design includes carpet, ceiling lights, tables, chairs, sofas, and TVs to increase the overall beauty of the client's store. The hard furnishing design solution includes whole-store display cabinets, low cabinets, standing cabinets, wall cabinets, center islands, and checkout counters to enhance the display and sales of the client's store.

Finally, by combining the brand's modern and luxurious style with the combined needs of the client, the designers of DG display showcase decided to use gold decorations and lines with luxury crystal lights and brass stainless steel to create a space full of modernity and luxury, and for the design of the low cabinets and wall cabinets, the designers used baking paint, wood veneer, and velvet to highlight the products' class and quality. At the same time, they also took into account the customer's demand for display volume and storage space, used wall cabinets utilized on the whole side to display a wider variety of products, and set up sufficient storage space inside the cabinets to facilitate operation and management by customers and store staff.

In addition, the designers also considered the details and decoration of the space, such as the use of wraparound trim and velvet inside the cabinets to accent the space, enhancing the sense of sophistication and high quality of the entire space. Through the integration of these design elements, DG Display Showcase successfully created a space that matches the style of the jewelry brand, thus helping the client to better display and sell its products, and increasing its brand image and visibility.

The client was very satisfied with the design solution we provided and the project went smoothly into production. During the production process, we were strict with every process and also shared the project progress with the client in a timely manner. In addition, we also provided shipping and installation guidance services for the client. In terms of transportation, DG display showcase usually cooperates with professional logistics companies to ensure that the products arrive safely at the customer's store location. During the transportation process, the products are properly packed and protected to ensure that they will not be damaged in any way. For installation, we provide our clients with installation drawings, videos, and one-on-one remote online guidance to ensure that the entire project is perfectly implemented.

After the project, the brand also gave high praise to DG display showcase's display design and service. The client thought that DG Display Showcase's design was very much in line with their requirements and brand image, and the quality and workmanship of the display cases were also excellent. What's more, the professional team of DG display case provided them with a full range of services and support, from design and manufacturing to transportation, installation, and after-sales maintenance, which made them feel very satisfied. In the months after the opening, the brand's sales have also significantly increased, proving the importance of display case design and layout in boosting sales. DG believes that in the future cooperation, we will continue to provide high-quality display case design and services to our clients to help them achieve greater business success.

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