Laofengxiang Luxury Jewelry Shop Showcase Project

See how DG helped Laofengxiang successfully transform from a traditional brand to a high-end brand?

Laofengxiang Luxury Jewelry Shop Showcase Project


Project Briefing and Building Overview: Heritage is the foundation, innovation is the soul. Laofengxiang, a listed company and one of China's top 500 enterprises is a century-old national brand and a famous jewelry brand in China. "Old brand, new style, fine craftsmanship, good reputation" is the consensus of consumers for the brand of Laofengxiang. Its nationwide chain of over 700 silver shops and more than 2,300 sales outlets, with a market coverage of more than 90%, is a leader in the industry. As the originator and disseminator of the "Sea Style Jewelry", Laofengxiang has formed the corporate culture of "Sincerity, Trust, Refinement and Goodness", and will develop hand in hand with our shareholders, customers, and employees with the business philosophy of "Advancement, Win-Win and Sharing" and the development strategy of "Be better, stronger and bigger".

Main products: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, White jade, Jadeite, Pearl, Gold with jade, Colored stones, Enamel, and Red coral.

Products we supplied: Door head design,Jewelry front showcases, Jewelry island showcase, Jewelry curved showcases, Jewelry wall showcases, Jewelry upright showcases, Jewelry props, Soft outfit series (jewelry experience table, cashier desk, carpet, small mirror, ceiling lights, lamps, logo).

Services we supplied: Design, Proofing, Production, Transportation, Installation, After-sales maintenance and repair.

In November 2021, DG Display Showcase was introduced to the Chinese national brand "Lao Feng Xiang" by a third party service provider. Through preliminary communication, DG display showcase learned that the client's bold vision was very avant-garde. He mentioned at that time that the traditional showcase design and display space was limited and could no longer meet consumers' demand for jewelry, while the design and style were very single in terms of materials, and the uniform space collocation made the whole store look less unique, not to mention differentiated. They also looked for a lot of showcase factory, but they could not achieve the effect they wanted. Under the strong recommendation of the third-party service provider, the customer decided to come to our factory for a site visit first, it just so happens that our factory is producing a high-end American brand project, and the customer saw that we are preparing to ship the product, he did not expect that the display showcase can actually do so exquisite, regardless of the material, details are very much in line with the standards in his mind, on the spot that this is the high-end products they want, the inspection is completed customer choose and cooperate with us.

During the cooperation with the client, DG display showcase learned that the location of the client's store is on the first floor of a local landmark building in Shandong, and the mall where it is located also collects many famous jewelry brand stores such as Lukfook Jewelry, Chow Tai Fook and Tse Sui Lin. To stand out among these brands, only a good location is far from enough, and the customer has already set a good opening time, and now only waiting for the display showcase in place. In order to meet the client's demand of being able to open during the New Year, DG Display Showcase analyzed the existing conditions and the environment of the shopping mall and made a perfect project plan, from space design - factory production - on-site installation every step was closely carried out. Despite the approaching Chinese New Year and the challenges of the epidemic, DG display showcase still kept the client's promise, and the factory worked hard to produce and manufacture every day. At the same time, DG display showcase also uses its professional knowledge and experience to design according to different cabinet types and display product categories and adopts an induction focus spotlight with an integrated anti-glare lens to make its light output precise and soft, and can also flexibly adjust the irradiation range so that the display products can restore the real color more clearly, thus creating a comfortable and tasteful shopping atmosphere.

After the production was completed, DG Display Showcase actively assisted the customer in providing transportation service, and our professional installation team was already in place when the whole batch of goods arrived at the customer's store site. At the same time, we encountered a difficult problem in the process of installation: due to the large size ratio of the door head we made for the customer, regardless of the volume weight area ratio for the installation is a challenge and the corner of the store, there are several display showcases are more difficult to put down, DG display showcase professional installation master on the spot to discuss the program, while discussing countermeasures with the customer, and finally decided to retain the function of the display cabinet on the basis of part of the stainless steel processing, DG display showcase installation master use unique closure process to the display showcase surface brushing treatment so that its closure to achieve smooth and beautiful, and no gaps in the whole space. After effective division of labor and cooperation, from showcase assembly, equipment debugging, and functional testing, to the final on-time quality and quantity to customer acceptance of the perfect finale, DG Display Showcase team successfully installed a high-end Laofengxiang flagship store for customers on-site in only 7 days. It caused shock in the local area. Jewelry peers have given a thumbs up!

From the project design to the completion of the installation of the whole store, it only took 1 month. In contrast to the traditional store image of Laofengxiang, this store image integrates fashion and classics, looks very high-end and atmospheric, and the landing effect is very shocking. The client was very excited to send us a letter of thanks, mentioning that since the successful completion of the upgrade and opening of the store, the Lao Fengxiang project has performed very well and has been highly evaluated by the leadership of the Lao Fengxiang brand and the leadership of the mall. Although the first cooperation process with DG Display Showcase is a little tortuous, this project brings consumers a new brand experience of Lao Fengxiang, which is not only the transformation of Lao Fengxiang's image but also reflects the progress of national brand innovation.DG display showcase would like to thank Lao Fengxiang for their trust and support, we still have a lot of room for improvement in the whole project, thank you for your tolerance and understanding, we have also grown a lot in the process, it is the market and customers that made DG Display Showcase. We will always, not forget the original intention, strive to create greater value for customers, but also wish Lao Fengxiang business to thrive!

In this project cooperation, the customer is very concerned about the process of stainless steel plating and jewelry lighting system, they are worried about discoloration, color loss and other phenomena, so we are also here to popularize this knowledge, like we often say that electroplating is with electrochemical treatment. The use of acid solution, anodic dissolution (electrolysis) alone or mixed to remove rust, the use of phosphate treatment, chromate treatment, blackening, anodic oxidation, etc. to generate a protective film on the metal surface, are such methods. This method can achieve a complex pattern effect, to create a vintage or modern design needs. There is also a kind of plating used to mirror finish. Mirror treatment of stainless steel, simply speaking, is the polishing of the stainless steel surface, polishing techniques are divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing. Can also be in the stainless steel surface for local polishing, polishing grade is divided into ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, and super fine grinding 10K effect. Mirror surface to give a high-grade simple, fashionable future feeling.

And then about the knowledge of jewelry lighting systems, different levels of lighting can distinguish the level of jewelry stores and sales subjects. Jewelry showcase lighting design needs to pay attention to two points: the first is to be bright enough, of course, "enough" does not mean that the brighter the better. Like the Lao Fengxiang some jewelry such as gold, due to small size, so the requirement of illumination is high enough, 3000Lx on it, and the ambient illumination ratio is 5 ~ 20:1 or so; and some jewelry such as jade, and crystal, etc., is concerned about the soft, illumination does not have to be too high. The second is to reflect the characteristics. Gold, pearls, and other jewelry completely rely on the reflection of light, and pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflection of the "flash" stimulates the eyes of customers; jade, crystal, and other jewelry pay attention to the quality of light transmission, so it is very important. For jewelry display showcase, lighting is an integral part, even in the jewelry display showcase design has a very important proportion. In addition to the design of the display environment itself, jewelry display showcases lighting effect design should be the maximum to let customers look comfortable. So we hope you can gain something from this project and look forward to your cooperation with DG.

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