Integrated Store for High-end Jewelry Brands in Saudi Arabia

DG shows you how to enhance the visual impact of products through the design and layout of showcases in long and narrow stores

Integrated Store for High-end Jewelry Brands in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


Project Briefing and Building Overview: This is a high-end jewelry brand comprehensive store in Saudi Arabia, in a terminal shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. With more than 30 years of experience in the operation of luxury integrated stores in Saudi Arabia, the product brands include Harry Winston, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Piaget, Chopard, Kirin, Bulgari, Chammel Paris, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and other high-end jewelry. The brand is synonymous with precious diamonds and gemstones. It mainly operates in the high-end market and has always adhered to the business philosophy of "the unremitting pursuit of beauty and quality". Using professional knowledge and experience, we personally select products from various brands, creating a new situation in the jewelry industry, just to showcase the natural beauty of diamonds and gemstones. Jewelry is a creation that spans the fields of art, craftsmanship, and design, carefully interpreting various touching emotions and cultures. Jewelry born of art not only embellishes women's ears, necks, and hands but also captures the most beautiful aspects of the era.

Main products: Shoushan stone, Tianhuang stone, Qingtian stone, pearl and diamond inlaid ring, pearl and diamond inlaid necklace, coral, coral, amber, ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald, jade, cat's eye, opal, tourmaline, crystal, peridot, pearl, agate, bracelet, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings, etc.

Products we supplied: Jewelry showcases, jewelry boutique cabinets, jewelry high cabinets, jewelry front cabinets, jewelry window showcases, jewelry island showcases, jewelry curved cabinets, jewelry vertical showcases, jewelry wall cabinets, VIP jewelry showcases, jewelry experience stations, negotiation table, sofa, cashier counter, carpet, logo, photo frame,

Services we supplied: Design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

The brand is a collection of high-end jewelry brands located in Saudi Arabia, the main products include diamonds, colored stones, agate, crystal, jade, and so on. In 2017, DG Display Showcase cooperated with Saudi high-end brand customers. Due to the different language and work schedules of customers, it took a long time to communicate with customers in the early stage, and the DG business team patiently listened to the needs of customers. Through communication, I learned that due to the expansion of business, the customer wants to open a new store in the local high-end shopping mall. Different from the previous stores, this shopping mall is aimed at the upper class in society, so the customer is very concerned about whether the products of the jewelry showcase manufacturer can match the high-end products of its brand. Since its establishment, DG Display Showcase has been deeply engaged in the field of high-end jewelry display cases, aiming to display your jewelry more perfectly and high-end. Our research and development team also has a large number of showcase design patents, which can not only meet the diversified customized needs of customers but also increase sales for customers and enhance brand value.

In the process of cooperation, gaining the trust of the customer is the most critical point in the cooperation, because this customer is the first time to cooperate with us, there are still a lot of concerns and worries. DG display showcase understands our customers' feelings and invites them to visit our company in China. During the visit, our designer team and business team accompanied the whole process, telling customers about the company's business philosophy, as well as the classic cases of cooperation with brand customers, so that customers can truly feel the strength of DG. In the face of customer questions, our professional team also patiently answers one by one, the doubts in the hearts of customers are suddenly eliminated, can see their own standards of high-end showcase manufacturers, they feel very happy.

At the end of the visit, the client had an in-depth exchange with our business team and designers. The client, who had a long and narrow layout of the store, wanted to highlight the visual appeal of the product through the unique design of the showcase. After three times of repeated discussions and optimization of the plan, the designer designed a simple and honorable whole plan for this Saudi high-end jewelry collection store according to the positioning of the mall and the brand atmosphere of the store, and the customer was very satisfied with it.

In the jewelry industry, a beautifully designed jewelry showcase is not only a place to display products but also an important element to enhance the brand image and attract customers' attention. DG Display Showcase As a showcase manufacturer, we know that the visual appeal and impression of a product are crucial, and we will combine this project to introduce you to the narrow store through the design and layout of the showcase to enhance the visual impact of the product effective methods:

1. Well-designed lighting system: Lighting is one of the key factors in displaying jewelry. The intelligent lighting system in DG customized display cases can adjust the color temperature according to the material of the product, and show the advantages of different products to the greatest extent without causing glare, highlighting the unique features of jewelry, and making it more attractive.

2. Creative display method: The display method of the jewelry showcase needs to be innovative and different. Through clever display, the beauty and value of the jewelry can be highlighted. As a result, the store uses a number of central islands for display, using different angles and permutations to naturally divide the long and narrow store into a number of different themed areas. Creating an appealing sense of space and hierarchy helps customers quickly identify product brands in the store.

3. Color matching and material selection: The color matching of DG showcase advanced gray and the choice of metal material is in line with the style of jewelry. Choosing colors that echo the product can increase the overall sense of coordination, while high-quality materials can show the high-end quality of the jewelry.

4. Background and environment: The background and surrounding environment of the showcase can not be ignored. The whole jewelry collection store is gray as the main color yellow as the ornament, cool mirror column decoration, and tassel chandelier style simple luxury. A clean, uncluttered, well-prepared display area can help customers better focus on the product itself, thereby enhancing the visual impact of the product.

5. Specially designed display cases: For specific series or special products, customized display cases can be designed. The store's independent jewelry cabinets and wall cabinets, these display cabinets can highlight a certain style, and increase the uniqueness and attractiveness of the product.

6. Interactive experience: Integrate some interactive elements into the display case, such as a touch screen, magnifying glass, VIP area, etc. The setting of the VIP negotiation area of the store is the finishing touch of the entire store, which not only increases the richness of the store design but also increases the customer experience. It can give customers a deeper understanding of product details, thereby enhancing their confidence in purchasing decisions.

DG will jewelry showcase into real art, not only the product display place but also the embodiment of the brand image. The design and layout of DG present an instant feeling of dazzling luxury through careful design, lighting, display, and environment creation. Enhance the visual impact of jewelry products, and attract more eyes and customers, so as to achieve commercial success and brand value-added.

The jewelry store is not only a place for product display, but also a unique embodiment of brand image. DG through clever design, exquisite lighting technology, and clever display, so that the entire store presents a dazzling luxury feeling so that jewelry products in a visual display of stunning impact. This not only attracts more eyes and customers but also brings commercial success and continuous value addition to the brand.

In addition, customers are also very concerned about the details of the display case and transportation packaging. In the production process, DG display showcase combines the details of large-scale automatic hardware production equipment imported from Germany and the process master to control each showcase strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 production standard. Even if it is a very small place, the factory master will be polished and polished, and the connection of stainless steel is refined. And the curvature of the hot bending glass is precisely controlled to ensure that the showcase delivered to the customer is perfect.

After production is completed, we assist customers with transportation services. DG display showcase also attaches great importance to arranging transportation for customers. Jewelry showcase is the most commonly used ultra-white tempered glass, in the transportation process is also the most prone to damage if the use of a traditional wood frame is not able to fully protect the glass, if not paid attention to when getting on and off, it is easy to crash cracking or missing corners. Therefore, in order to protect the products from external damage, we use fully enclosed international wooden cases. Multiple jewelry display cases are packed in a packaging box, which can increase the weight of the box and prevent collapse during transit transportation.

When the goods arrive at the customer's shop, our professional installation team is also been in place, after 7 days of reasonable team arrangement, effective division of labor and cooperation, and professional installation technology, from cabinet assembly, equipment debugging, and functional testing to the final perfect landing. After the installation of the project, the customer and his team were excited and satisfied. The upgrade of the brand image has also brought them more consumer attention, and customers say that this shock can not be experienced in other jewelry brand collection stores.

DG display showcase is also very grateful for the trust and support of Saudi high-end jewelry collection store customers. We will always adhere to the concept of careful service, with the most professional service attitude, the best quality, and efficient work efficiency to every customer who comes to DG display showcase. Thank you very much for the trust and support of the Saudi high-end jewelry collection store. We will, as always, uphold the concept of mindful service, provide the most professional and efficient service attitude, and bring the best quality experience to every customer who visits DG display showcase. DG is not only the producer of the showcase, but also the defender of your brand value and taste. Every detail carries our intentions and persistence so that you can feel an extraordinary quality and unique charm. If you have any showcase needs, welcome to choose DG, and excellent peers, to enjoy the pursuit of beauty and adhere to quality.

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