JEMPER high-end jewelry brand project

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JEMPER high-end jewelry brand project



Project Briefing and Building Overview: JEMPER is a high-end brand that takes oriental culture as the essence to create cultural jewelry with aesthetic value. The brand was established in 1998, and its main business items are oriental jadeite, colored gemstones, and other high-quality jewelry. The brand name "JEMPER" is taken from "The Book of Rites - Yu Zao", which means the noble virtue of a gentleman, and has been adhering to the way of a gentleman, focusing on taste and style, and is committed to making jewelry that can be passed on cultural heritage, is to truly create its own national brand. The brand extracts the essence from the profound oriental culture, starting with oriental totems and using the thousand years of inherited history and culture as ink to interpret the classic oriental aesthetic design, only owned by JEMPER. At the same time, the brand is very strict in the selection of gemstones, starting with the selection of raw stones, after months of time-consuming selection, only 5% of rare raw stones can be selected. JEMPER is known for its high quality, high-end design, and manufacturing, which is a jewelry brand that can be inherited.

Main products: Emerald, ruby, sapphire, jade, rose gold, gemstone set rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, pendants, brooches, earrings, studs, etc.

Products we supplied: Jewelry display showcases, jewelry boutique showcases, jewelry high showcases, jewelry front showcases, jewelry window display showcases, jewelry center island display showcases, jewelry curved showcases, jewelry hanging showcases, jewelry vertical display showcases, VIP jewelry display showcases, jewelry props, jewelry experience tables, experience tables, sofas, coffee tables, cashier counter, TVs, small mirrors, light boxes, photo frames, ceiling lights, carpets, logos

Services we supplied: Optimize design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales maintenance and repair

As a long-established jewelry brand with a high reputation in Jilin, China, JEMPER has been mainly dealing with oriental jadeite and colored gemstones, taking oriental culture as the essence of jewelry and creating cultural jewelry with great aesthetic value.JEMPER's customer base is relatively high-end, and the stores are usually located in high-end shopping malls. DG display showcase was responsible for optimizing the drawings, production, shipping, and installation of the project.

The client is a very detail-oriented person and customer experience, therefore, before the official production, the client found five jewelry display case suppliers for proofing and comparison. Finally, after comprehensive consideration and evaluation, DG Display Showcase was found to be very attentive and meticulous in both workmanship and service. Although our price is a little higher, the client has great confidence in us, so the project is fully delivered to us.

Even though the design plan was finalized and the client insisted on a 1:1 rendering, DG Display Showcase's professional design team conducted in-depth analysis and communication with the client regarding materials, colors, dimensions, etc., and made professional comments and suggestions. As a company with 24 years of experience in R&D, design, and production of display showcases, DG Display Showcase has an accurate grasp of the global usage habits of display showcases. For the comprehensive consideration of ergonomics and usage habits, the counter height of jewelry showcases in China is generally 1 meter, while in the design scheme, it is 1.1 meter. In this regard, DG display showcase, JEMPER, and the design company had a heated discussion, but the client finally chose to keep the original height.

DG display showcase then proceeded with the production based on the drawings determined by the client. The material of this project is mainly natural wood veneer, supplemented by stainless steel, the design of the wood veneer carving process, curved shape process, and solid wood process, the difficulty is very high, coupled the client is also very concerned about the seamless integration process of the wood veneer and the opening method hidden process, the whole project process is very difficult. The production team strictly followed the customer's requirements and design plan, while focusing on every detail to ensure the quality and precision of each product. During the production process, DG Display Showcase constantly communicated with the client, and the client would come to the site personally to check the progress, solving any possible problems in time and maintaining a very high efficiency and accuracy rate. Afterward, DG display showcase will transport the fabricated display cases to the customer's site through the logistics company and send a professional installation team to arrive at the site for installation. During the on-site installation process, DG Display Showcase's professional installation team carefully checked and adjusted every detail to ensure the quality of the whole project and customer satisfaction.

After the installation was completed, the client was not satisfied with the final result of the store, but it was not because of the details, quality, etc. The counter height of 1.1m made the counter out of proportion and looked very uncoordinated. If the counter height needs to be adjusted, the problem can only be solved by adjusting the height of the cabinet's support legs. After communication and negotiation, DG display showcase's professional installation team started to adjust it right at the customer's site through precise measurement and calculation. DG display showcase would like to remind you that the height of the showcase should be evaluated according to the local consumer habits of the store, not to imitate international brands, and all configurations should be determined according to your own brand positioning. The project was completed and the client was satisfied with DG display case.

After the project was completed, the client gave DG Display Showcase a very high evaluation. The customers think that DG display showcase not only has excellent products, advanced technology, and reliable quality during the whole cooperation process but also has professionalism and service attitude. Especially after the installation of the display case was completed, facing the problem of the uncoordinated height of the display case, DG display showcase took the initiative to propose solutions to help customers, which also let customers deeply feel the high professionalism and service attitude of the whole DG team. When the client contacted us later, he said, "When we saw the final effect, we knew that choosing DG display showcase was a decision to fight for, you did your best in every detail, your team is professional and efficient, and we are very satisfied with your products and services, and hope we can have the opportunity to cooperate with you next time. "

DG Display Showcase has always been a supporter of customer satisfaction, committed to creating a superior brand image and customer experience, to provide customers with a full range of services, we always adhere to the needs of customers as the guide, for customers to provide the best products and services as the goal, we will continue to work with jewelry brands around the world to create more use value and aesthetic display showcase equipment. If you also have a demand for display showcases, welcome to contact us.

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