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Counter jewelry store design planning ideas

  A showcase jewelry designers want to design a good showcase for the entire store space to have an understanding of, and to the characteristics of the client's brand and products, consumers had to have a full grasp of psychology, the only way to design a effect of the whole store and meet customer requirements.


    Jewelry showcase space is divided according to plan and assigned a severity jewelry showcase specific standards for the entire space area. According to the characteristics jewelry showcase activities, considering factors such visitors flow, flow rate, channels, etc., plan out public activities area, flat space configured divide these elements by the flat and complete manifestation of FIG.


  Plan facade constructed on the basis of the plan, based on each partition jewelry showcase functional ground, considering the proportion assigned to determine the specific line exhibition jewelry showcase contents and expressions. Transition and construction space disposal punishment on the basis of plan and elevation of the program, based on the content and jewelry showcase jewelry showcase performances and original building layout, style determined. Should consider lighting, the overall structure of the space in the form of construction, materials, and harmony in all aspects of space conditions.


 Jewelry showcase space design and planning division is the basis of content, to do everything, both to meet the image, layout, color coordination, but also have space for change, and you want to change the image of the space to the public to attract consumers, content required by affirmative drawn to scale design and construction plans or renderings. 

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