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Glass Display Cabinet - Some Important Details For Buyers

If you're a UK collector looking for a glass display cabinet for your curios, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Glass display cabinets come in a staggering array of sizes, shapes and modalities, so it's a good idea to do some research before acquiring one. Beyond the obvious choices of wall-mounted vs. freestanding, type of lighting and number of shelves, there are some other critical factors to consider when purchasing display cabinets with glass components.

One such factor is the choice of material for the back wall of your glass curio cabinet is very important. A popular choice for a cabinet back wall is cork, especially if you have framed or unframed certificates or diplomas to display. With a cork back, it's a simple matter to create a pleasing display using pushpins or thumbtacks to secure the items. If you plan to change your display from time to time, a cork-covered back wall is a good choice because it can withstand multiple pricks from pointed fasteners like pushpins without looking worn or over used. Hook-and-loop fabric, also known as Velcro, is another great choice for the back wall of a room display cabinet. If the back wall of the cabinet is finished with hook material, all you need to do is affix a small piece of loop material to the item you want to display. Then just press the item against the hook-material-covered back wall of the curio cabinet to adhere it without glue staples or nails. Two other good choices for the cabinet's back wall are white laminate and mirror. The while laminate back will focus attention on the items on display and is easy to keep clean because it resists staining and is washable. A mirrored back wall on a home display cabinet will show off the backs of your items and give the illusion of spaciousness.

Collectors in the UK, if they put some thought into the features they desire in a glass display cabinet, will be rewarded with an attractive and interesting exhibit of their cherished collectibles.

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